"Material and spiritual should go hand in hand deftly like the 2 wings of a swan", GuruJi Nandkishore Tiwari in a dialogue on Upanishads with Editor of Organiser Prafulla Ketkar

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GuruJi Nandkishore Tiwari was in a dialogue on with Editor of Organiser Prafulla Ketkar on the theme 'Contexualising Sanatana Wisdom for the contemporary world' organised by Darpan Foundation.

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On the occasion of Teacher’s Day, Darpan Foundation organised its 20th Upanishad between GuruJi Nandkishore Tiwari and Editor of Organiser Weekly Shri Prafulla Ketkar on topic of “Education, Environment and Empowerment”.
After wishing audience on the occasion of Teacher’s Day, Guruji commenced the session by explaining the topic and stressed that it is education that leads to empowerment.
In response to Prafulla Ji’s question highlighting the indispensability of right proportion of different forms of knowledge in education, Guruji emphasized that “One cannot become human without education”. Elaborating on the 3 types of vidya as per Bharateeya tradition– avidya, vidya and paravidya, Guruji explained that education through its avidya form becomes means of our material prosperity, through its vidya form it builds our character to uphold values and through its para-vidya aspect makes us embodiment of happiness, bliss and peace.
He also added that in life, material and spiritual should go hand in hand deftly like the 2 wings of a swan. That’s what Sahaj Smriti Yog is about.
Prafulla ji talking on the importance of Guru stated that Guru is one who works for good of all and happiness of all. He added that beneath all the diversity that we see, there is a oneness irrespective of the various names given to it. He asked many deep and inquiring questions to Guruji which are pertinent for our current times like how to weave in Bharateeya way of vidya into our education system, the concept of patents in current development model, how to see empowerment from Bharateeya drishti etc.
Seekers asked many profound and meaningful questions to both Guruji and Prafulla ji including how one can lead a dharmic life in the current materialistic world, how one can see life as beautiful despite the miseries etc.
Darpan Foundation has been organising meaningful conversations between propounder of Sahaj Smriti Yog Guruji Shri Nandkishore Tiwari and excellent professionals comprising of individuals from all walks of life. This series of conversations is aimed at keeping the spirit of asking right and real questions kicking and alive which is elan vital of our unfathomable treasure of Upanishadic knowledge. Hence the name upanishad.