“Naam Manidhar Katchi” founder Toufique’s arrest exposes the extent of Jihadi penetration in politics and society of Tamil Nadu

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Given the kind of appeasement, apathy and turning a blind eye to violence perpetrated by Islamists in Tamil Nadu by ruling AIADMK, the days of riots in the state like those in Delhi, Bengaluru and Sweden are not too far. “Naam Manidhar Katchi” founder Toufique’s arrest shows how many areas in the state are transforming into ‘Mini Pakistans'.
Tamil Nadu like its neighbor Kerala, has become a haven for Jihadi elements and Muslims fundamentalists forces like SDPI, PFI and other Islamist outfits. Recently the arrest of Adirampattinam based Toufique and probe by NIA revealed that he was raising funds to support militants groups. He had floated a political party, “Naam Manidhar Katchi” (We Human Being Party) headquartered in Chennai and ‘’Muslim Defence Force’’ and “Iraivan Oruvaney” (Only One God). He and his associate Imran had extended funds to terror activities to trigger unrest in Bharat. Thoufique is one of the accused in the Mumbai serial blasts case.
Toufique’s woman partner, Salma, a Bangladesh national, and her two-year-old son were arrested in Trichy. Salma does not possess any legal documents for her entry and stay in Bharat, The mother and son allegedly obtained Aadhar and other documents by providing fake birth certificates. Police also arrested Abdul Kadar and Sikkandar from Coimbatore. They were all involved in the kidnapping and extortion of a Chennai based printing press owner.
In Ramanathapuram, Hindu Munnani cadre Arun Prakash was hacked to death by a 12 member gang for celebrating Vinayagar Chaturthi. His friend Vinod is said to be in a critical condition. About 3,000 Muslims gathered in front of the Periyapattinam Police state to free the arrested persons. Sheik Abdul Rehman, Saddam, Aziz, and Kashim Rehman have surrendered in Trichy in connection with the murder. They are alleged to be members of SDPI and PFI. Tamil Nadu Thowheed Jamaath(TNTJ) is alleged to have been behind the attack.
BJP, Indu Makkal Katchi and Hindu Munnani have demanded a ban on these outfits. “Whenever Hindus were attacked by Islamist, police tried to turn attention by saying it was due to personal enmity. In this case too the SP appealed to the people not to believe rumours and claimed that it was due to a personal rivalry. But the arrested and those surrendered are all Muslims. Why did the police want to hide facts? When will they learn lessons?”, asks Senior Journalist Senkottai Sriram.
Many 'Mini Pakistans' in TN 
Periyapattinam is a Muslim dominated city where their Sharia rules over state government. People have urged the government to ban SDPI and PFI outfits whose clout has been increasing manifold in the district due to the state governments apathy. There are several areas in Periyapattinam, Melvisharam in Vellore district, MelaPalayam in Tirunelveli district, Kottaimedu in Coimbatore district and many other cities where police cannot enter.
Here Muslims are the majority and minority Hindus are forced to leave the village or convert to Islam. They are not allowed to celebrate their Hindu festivals. In another words, Sharia laws are in force in these areas. In Melvisharam no outsiders can enter. They keep vigil on new comers. These places are called “Mini Pakistan” by Hindu outfits and intelligence agencies. Special SI Wilson was shot dead by Abdul Shameem and Thoufiq on January 8 this year, where he was carrying out vehicle checks in Kanyakumari district border.
In Thoothukudi Ganeshpuram, people from Jamaat tried to demolish an Amman temple. The Muslims, who are more in numbers, have the last say in all matters here. Hindus protested seeking police intervention but police as usual are not taking any action. In Nariyanendal village, Hindus opposed the building of a mosque. They say there are no Muslims in the village and complained to district administration.
Growth of Jihadis in TN
  Communal advertisement
Communal advertisement calling for land to build Mosques at every 60-80 kms of the Chennai-Tirunelveli Highway 
Attacks on police in TN are not new. In 1997 traffic police Selvaraj was murdered by three Al-Umma cadres in broad daylight and 18 months after this four policemen were killed in Coimbatore and Madurai by Islamic fundamentalists. Exercising special powers, The then DMK government released Coimbatore serial blast case accused- Al Umma terrorists prematurely.
Three years ago, Police sub inspector C Akilan who tried to stop three muslim youths in Tiruvallikeni from abusing women under the influence of cannabis at Marina beach, was attacked brutally. A Muslim mob gathered in front of the Marina police station to release them.
During the Anti-CAA protests, Muslims pelted stones on unarmed police personnel and misbehaved with women officers. Five years ago, in Ambur, a mob targeted a police force and caused serious injuries to over 50 personnel and an equal number of common people.
In the second week of May this year, Chennai based Jain bakeries and confectioneries was sealed and the owner Prashanth arrested on the charges of outraging religious feelings, based merely on a photo-shopped image after an unverified claim was circulated on social media. However, when a Muslim biryani shop chain advertised that only Muslims would be hired for a job opportunity, the police and the administration did nothing!
Earlier, the TN police did nothing when an blatantly communal advertisement titled “For the attention of Muslims” called for building of Mosques at every 60-80 km distance on the Chennai-Trichy-Madurai-Tirunelveli highway, with toilets, 2 shops and parking space for cars. Following this advertisement, many small mosques were built on this stretch. Christians are also building prayer halls and churches in large numbers which is not commensurate with their official share in the population.