“Proud of my son. He has the heart of a lion,” says father of the Pak Islamic terrorist who stabbed 2 people in Paris last week #CharlieHebdo

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The father of Ali Hassan, a Pakistani terroist who stabbed two persons in a terror attack using a meat cleaver, has said he is “proud” of his son, who “has a heart of a lion”!
The attack took place outside the former Paris office of the Charlie Hebdo magazine last week.
In an interview to the web channel Naya Pakistan, the father said his son has “done a great job” and he is “very happy” about the attack, reported Reuters.
“He called us ... and said that the God’s Prophet had chosen him, and assigned him to kill the blasphemers,” said his father.
The terrorist’s father appealed to Pakistan and other Islamic countries to help bring his son home. “I want to appeal to the Pakistan government to bring my son home. He has done service in the cause of Islam and we are a Muslim country,” he told the Pakistani channel .
“Ali Hassan was a good son who prayed regularly and attended Milad twice a year. He said that Ali Hassan was a follower of Muhammad Ilyas Qadri, a Pakistani Sunni Muslim scholar and founder of the Dawat-e-Islami organisation, which has established a chain of madrasas across Pakistan and abroad,” he added.
Ali Hassan’s father is a farmer, who lives in Mandi Bahauddin in Punjab province in Pakistan. He said that Ali Hassan had gone to France two years ago. Of his five sons, three are abroad - two in France and one in Italy. “My son has the heart of a lion,” he told the channel.