Muslims are even denied fasting in Holy month by Chinese Communist regime: 'President of the World Uyghur Congress'

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President of the World Uyghur Congress, Dolkun Isa who is in exile in Germany said that Muslim population of China are not even allowed fasting in Holy Ramadan month and they are forcefully fed through community kitchens. He said that the Chinese communist party is denying all Human rights of minority Uyghur Muslims and that Muslims are not allowed to name their children with religious names. He was speaking at a webinar " Uyghur Muslims and their Human rights violation by China", organised by the Centre for Policy and Development Studies.
He said that Uyghurs are being tortured in camps and are being used as slaves by the Chinese communist regime. Dolkun said that the Communist regime of China is harassing the Uyghur activists who live in exile in even western countries and said that Interpol is being used to track and chase down Uyghur activities who speak against the human rights violation of Chinese government. He said that there is no human rights under the communist regime and said that the if the world does not block Chinese goods and Chinese businesses ,democracy and human rights will be a thing of the past.
Rushan Abbas, Founder and Chairperson of Campaign 4 Uyghurs,and based out of Washington said that Slavery and Genocide of Uygurs and Tibetans are being practised by the Chinese government. She cited the tragic abduction of her sister Dr Gulshan Abbas, a practcing Medical doctor by the Chinese government and forcing her to do slavery in Chinese run camps. She said that the United States of America has already started.economic bloclade against China and called upon the Muslim world to be pro active on the genocide and slavery faced by the minority Uyghur Muslims by Chinese communist party and the autocratic government run by it.
Jayadeva Ranade,President of Centre for China Analysis and Strategy and former National Security Advisory board member said that India has stood its ground against China and added that not only in the LAC but by banning Chinese products in the country, Indian government had inflicted a crushing economic loss to China. He also quoted the Australian Strategic Policy Institute studies on the increase in the intermittent camps for details of Uyghurs and said that this was a gross violation of Human rights by Chinese communist party.