UNHCR urged to audit funds of Colin Gonsalves run HRLN over possible misuse to legally defend violent rioters and child sexual abusers involved in Delhi Anti-Hindu Riots

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Legal Rights Observatory (LRO) has urged the UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR) to snap its ties with Colin Gonsalves run Human Rights Law Network HRLN. UNHCR is one of the prime donors of HRLN which is accused of anti-India activities.
LRO has also sought that the UNHCR conduct an audit of funds provided by it to HRLN. HRLN is charged with misuse of funds provided by UNHCR by legally defending violent rioters and also those rioters who have been accused of child sexual abuse involved in Delhi Anti-Hindu Riots. "Requested agency to snap all ties with it", wrote LRO on twitter.
HRLN is the sole partner for UNHCR in the country. HRLN claims that it assists refugees and asylum seekers by way of 'counselling and legal aid' as an implementing partner of UNHCR.  It is for this activity that HRLN receives huge funds from the UN agnecy which is in turn used to further it's anti-India agenda. It was in the forefront of defending illegal Rohingya migrants who are spread across different parts of India today.
In a startling revelation over the anti-India forces from abroad being part of the anti-CAA agitation, LRO recently revealed that HRLN had received Rs. 50 crores from four European Churches for the purpose of defending anti-CAA rioters and activists legally in courts. The LRO has written to the Union Home Ministry in this regard and has sought arrest and prosecution of Colin Gonsalves and other directors of HRLN by invoking UAPA against them.
Among its many international funders, HRLN received funds from European Churches and Islamist organisations. LRO's research shows that HRLN has been receiving funds from George Soros’ Open Society Foundation (ORF) in order to engage in judicial activism and undermine national interests by using the courts. HRLN has been repeatedly accused of being involved in anti-national and Hinduphobic activities through the nexus of Christian missionaries and Naxalites.
LRO's investigation also shows that Mander's CES and Colin Gonsalves's HRLN received funds from common donors in the US and UK whose intentions are suspect.