“Return Nepal’s Land, Stop Chinese Expansionism”: Anti-China protests erupt in Kathmandu

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A group of Nepalese citizens has protested against China in Kathmandu yesterday. People under the banner of Lumbini Civil Society have registered their strong objection against the Chinese encroachment in Humla and illegal construction on Nepal’s land.
The Society has also voiced against the intervention of China in the domestic affairs of Nepal. Raising their voice against the expansionist Communist regime, the protesters were seen holding placards and banners featuring slogans such as “Return Nepal’s land, stop Chinese expansionism and stop oppression on Muslims.”
The border dispute between Nepal and China has resurfaced after it was revealed that China constructed nine buildings on Nepali territory in Humla district.
According to reports, this issue came into light when the president of the local village council, Vishnu Bahadur Lama, went on a visit to this territory. He revealed that China soldiers had completed the building construction in the Limi village of Lapcha village. He was even prevented from going to the side of the village where the construction had taken place.
Lama claimed that he even tried to speak to the Chinese forces in vain and they did not respond and he was even told to go back. After denied entry into the region, he took a few pictures of the newly-constructed building by Chinese PLA in the territory on his mobile phone — which show the buildings were erected nearly 2 kilometres into Nepali territory.
The Nepali side claims that there was a border pillar (Pillar No. 11) of Nepal and China at the place where the structures were built. However, the border pillar is missing. Neither Nepal's Home Ministry nor Foreign Ministry has issued a statement in this regard. Similar protests have been reportedly erupted in various parts of the country as the government has chosen to keep mum over the issue.