Atmanirbhar Bharat Abhiyan is not just a campaign of few organisations or the government, but a responsibility and a task for every one of us: RSS Sarakaryavah Suresh Bhaiyyaji Joshi

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Several success stories of women entrepreneurs and manufacturers who have successfully created markets for their locally manufactured products was presented on the online event. All such women entrepreneurs were felicitated with a certificate of appreciation by SJM.
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RSS Sarakaryavah Suresh Bhaiyyaji Joshi addressed the Swadeshi Swavalamban Abhiyan, organised by Swadeshi Jagaran Manch (SJM) in memory of its founder Dattopant Thengadi today. The event was organised online and was telecast live on various social media platforms. The Swadeshi Swavalamban Abhiyan was started in April to educate citizens of the country on the importance of buying local goods. As part of the Abhiyan SJM has secured nearly 1 lakh 40,000 signatures as endorsements of their campaign. SJM has taken the campaign to also ensure that Atmanirbhar Bharat Abhiyan becomes a reality in all sectors with the cooperation of the citizens of the country.
Convenor R Sundaram, Co-convenor Kashmiri Lal and other officials of SJM were present at the event today. Amita Patiki Akhil Bharatiya Mantri of SJM introduced the participants and guests to the audience. Several women entrepreneurs who have successfully set-up their business and manufacturing units were part of the online event today. All such women entrepreneurs were felicitated with a certificate of appreciation by SJM.
Aishwarya Sahasrabuddhe presented the success stories of women entrepreneurs and manufacturers who have successfully created markets for their locally manufactured products. They have also given employment to many people where their manufacturing units are located. These industries were in textile, automobile, traditional medicine, household items, sanitizers, paper products, job consulting and few others. Women empowerment, empowerment of the downtrodden, skilling people in various vocations are some of the highlights of these local businesses. Many of these local manufacturers helped needy citizens in various ways during the COVID19 lockdown.
One of the entrepreneurs Vijayalakshmi, who spoke on the occasion said that the youth of the country should not wait for a job but start their own business. They must also take up any opportunity that comes their way instead of waiting for an opportunity to come their way. Another entrepreneur said that the youth of today can start their business in their homes itself and there are many opportunities for the same today.
Chartered Accountant Kavita Loya introduced the main speaker of the day, Shri Suresh Bhaiyyaji Joshi. In his address Suresh Bhaiyyaji Joshi said that people will surely be inspired by the success stories of women entrepreneurs. Below are the excerpts from his speech on the occasion. 
India and the world is going through a tough time due to COVID19. India has fared much better despite its huge population. Rural folk of India were safer compared to the city people and the people in remotest tribal areas were the safest. This shows that those who follow the traditional lifestyle were able to save themselves from the pandemic. The way Bharat has tackled the pandemic is a wonder it itself. The entire society, NGOs, small organisations, came together to help those in need and also cooperate with the administration. This is the strength of Bharat.
One of the other challenges was the economic distress brought by the Pandemic caused by closure of businesses, lack of daily earning opportunities and migration due to lockdown of cities. We have to think as to why migrants go in search of jobs to various other parts of the country. We have to think about such migration and the alternates for the same. PM Modi has launched the Atmanirbhar Bharat campaign which gives us the opportunity to deliberate about migration. For Atmanirbhar Bharat, we need Atmanirbhar state, Atmanirbhar district, Atmanirbhar town and Armanirbhar village. Traditionally our villages were self-sufficient and used to have their own manufacturing units. Due to change in the economic scenario where large businesses came in cities, people had to migrate in search of jobs. However, when large businesses close down, people are left out of jobs and are forced to go elsewhere for a livelihood.

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Now is the right time to think of an alternate model. People along with the government have to think of creating jobs with least of the resources and investment. The examples we today saw of successful women entrepreneurs is a guide in this direction. We saw many such examples of women who have set up business with small investments and this can inspire many others across the country. I urge that entrepreneurs think of setting up businesses and manufacturing units in rural areas with the help of the manpower and youth available there.
The experiment in Mumbai during 'Raksha Bandan' gave us a model to look upto. People decided to boycott China made Rakhis which resulted in losses to China but local manufacturing units benefitted due to increase in demand. This is a small experiment but there are many other products like this which can be manufactured here in India instead of importing them from other countries. Such manufacturing units require very less investment and know how to produce the same. This should be the way ahead.
The agricultural field is another avenue for our youth and towards Atmanirbhar Bharat. Sadly there is an understanding today that those who are in agriculture are 'unemployed' but this is not true. Agriculture requires a special knowledge and effort. Youth of the country especially those in the rural areas should not see agriculture in this way and see it as an opportunity towards becoming self-reliant and also provide jobs to others. I hope that SJM will become a platform to educate people on this.
Atmanirbhar Bharat Abhiyan is not just a campaign of few organisations or the government. It is a responsibility and a task for every one of us. The PM spoke about 'Local for Vocal'. Unless we choose local products and help in the increase in local manufacturing, we will not be able counter foreign imports. We can create a list of such locally made products which we can use in our daily lives and distribute the same.
Sociology says man is a social animal. Bharat has an inherent attribute of being a cooperative society. The cooperative movement was a success here. Using this attribute of cooperation, I hope that we aid each other, support each other, strengthen each other and work in unison towards creating a Atmanirbhar Bharat.