Urban Naxals-Manipulators of FoE

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Naxals who believe in the Mao’s dictum of ‘power grows out of the barrel of a gun’ are the real manipulators of Free Speech; Abusing Constitutional democracy and denying others even right to exist is their modus operandi

-Sabareesh P.A

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Nobody will call Varavara Rao, the blatant supporter of violence to
overthrow the Constitutional democracy as hate-mongerer but will be defended as poet and activist
ow that every child in Delhi knows about the role played by the Naxal–Jihadi lobby in abruptly preventing the publishing of ‘Delhi Riots – The Untold Story’ by Bloomsbury, let’s bloom about it further. The nation also knows that Garuda Prakashan has come forward to publish this book with the title ‘Delhi Riots 2020’ by Adv. Monika Arora, Sonali Chitalkar and Prerana Malhotra. The public sentiments against the foreign publication can now be somewhat summed up: Bloomsbury is that which buries the blooming of truth and its expressions.
The overwhelming demand for the book has led to crashing of Garuda Prakashan’s servers several times. Many of them in the social media were left wondering about the seemingly new phenomenon. But what they do not know is the obvious rise of an alternative narrative that has stepped over a history of biased articulation of faulty information and narration for decades together. Just like some local politician keeps bluffing that money and muscle power matters, there are a bandwagon of intellectuals who believe in the power of narratives to control and condition the minds of citizens. They set the narrative to suit their agenda, a greater agenda! Precisely saying, the public support for Garuda Prakashan is but the venting out of the anger against this ‘wagon of intellectuals’. Though Islamists and Jihadists are at the forefront in attacking the authors and whoever wants to speak the truth on Delhi riots, it is a known fact that the real instigators and intellectual backbone of whitewashing this dangerous ploy in the name of movement were the Maoists masquerading as intellectuals. This wagon of intellectuals have been hindering and thwarting ‘freedom of expression’ and selective subjugation of alternate narratives a countless times with all their might, but a massive public support in this magnitude against the suppression of thoughts and opinions is something that was never seen before and the voice simply refuses to relent.
Successive governments knew that Naxalism and Maoism are the two most internal security threats faced by India. Jawans of our security forces have been martyred both at the borders and within the mainland. Can India have an internal security threat worse than this? IED blasts are repeatedly carried out and after every such attack on our forces by the Naxalites or Maoists in the past the nation poured with grief, held candlelight marches, solidarity gatherings, condolence flowers for the martyred, messages for their grieving families, TRP graphs of the ever-rumbling media and last but not the least, The Great Indian Memory Loss until the next attack. Don’t we Indians have a very serious memory issue?
But the disappointing fact is that India still sees Naxalism or Maoism only as a law and order problem thereby missing the key in understanding the fundamental issue. The media and civil society are yet to get wise about the real character of the Naxalite ideology and their malicious agenda which is to destabilize India and subvert the existing democratic setup. The media has always tried to disassociate communism from Naxalism/ Maoism thereby distracting focus from the core ideology that promotes their huge violence. To kill a poisonous snake, one needs to hit the head rather fiddle with its tail. Those carrying out the attack on our armed forces are merely the ‘tail’, and the ‘poisonous head’ is but the wagon of Left intelligentsia in the academia and media who live in pomp and luxury in the Lutyen’s Delhi and provide vital strategic support for recruiting Naxals and create a conducive atmosphere to carry out Naxal activities. There are no better painters than these Left intellectuals in whitewashing the heinous crimes committed by the Left extremists, and there are no better drama queens and kings either in crying and chest thumping about human rights whenever the law takes its course on Left extremism. While the Leftists in the academia feed these Naxals with the idea to take up arms and fight against the state, Leftists in the media ensure that their crimes are not highlighted in the society and their true nature always remains unexposed in front of the larger citizenry.
Through propaganda they intend to manipulate other people’s beliefs, sentiments and attitude by using selective information such as facts, views and arguments. These are then disseminated by all means and methods in an altered and distorted way for the achievement of a ‘specific goal’ which helps in the realization of the ultimate goal
How many of us still remember the reporting of the brutal killing of our 76 CRPF jawans in Dantewada in 2010 by media outlets and related celebrations in the National Capital and that too in the top-ranking campus of the Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) by a group of Left leaning teachers and students who claimed to be the messiahs of human rights and champions of free speech? The anti-India sloganeering by the ‘Tukde-Tukde Gang’ at the Sabarmati lawns of JNU on February 2016 is still afresh in the nation’s memory. It received support of Rahul Gandhi. These comrades have laid the foundation for many more groups to happily cheer and make merry after such attacks on our Indian security forces. Not just that, they also conspire to make such frequent cowardly attacks on our soldiers to look like a law and order problem or an internal unrest in tribal areas. It is very much important to differentiate between internal terrorism and riots. What happened in East Delhi were not riots but a model of the Naxal–Maoist sponsored new generation urban warfare. It exposed the larger the Urban Naxal–Jihadi conspiracy.
These wagon of intellectuals sorrowed only when the government launched crackdown on Maoist insurgents. The Communists altogether follow a different thread and avatar in urban India who act as intellectuals and proliferators of the ideological perspectives of communism and related narratives. They have however been blessed with adorable brand name: Urban Naxals. Their mantra is to disguise under the different narratives of liberalism, secularism, ultra-modernism, ‘my way, my life’ feminism for the sake of attracting the urban youth by appealing to them through modern values. And all these fake narratives come with the sentiments of anti-India opinions. The Urban Naxals also infiltrate across the administrative setup, education systems and legal bodies to form safe houses for all upcoming hurdles. Any sensible person would think as to what does liberalism have to do with that of Maoism or Naxalism which acknowledges through its actions about bringing down the democracy in India and place a Communist government through an armed struggle? But then that is why the mask of liberalism has been hijacked and reconstructed by the Communists. They are the two sides of the same coin. Urban areas also form the recruitment centres for their armed revolution.
Citizens who really want the democratic process to prevail must open up their mind and mouth to speak up, critically think and weigh the narratives and decide logically. Ultimately what a patriotic citizen can do is to prevent yet another citizen from getting entangled further into Communism 
Until recently, the Urban Naxals weaved their threads from Lutyen’s Delhi. They saw a patron in the Congress too which helped to solidly lay the Left intellectual foundations in India. The Left-leaning NGOs and organizations acted as lobby groups and guarded their ever prospering business empire in all imaginable perspectives. But a breaking news thread about demonetisation on the evening of November 8, 2016 by Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the financial limitations on foreign funding shattered all their hopes of further financial prospects. There is no doubt that Urban Naxals have also intruded and established themselves in political parties and some freelance politicians. The Elgar Parishad Koregaon - Bhima violence too has its links with Maoist forces.
The greatest tool that the Communists in India made the best use of is propaganda. A goal-oriented propaganda is a trait of all the ‘sub-ideologues’ of mainstream Communism, not just in India but across the globe. Through propaganda they intend to manipulate other people’s beliefs, sentiments and attitude by using selective information such as facts, views and arguments. These are then disseminated by all means and methods in an altered and distorted way for the achievement of a ‘specific goal’ which helps in the realization of the ultimate goal. Such goal-oriented propaganda very much attract and brainwash the uneducated and grieving populations of our society because they are ‘half-truth’ baked afresh and served repeatedly through sloganeering, agitations and advertisements till the achievement of a ‘specific goal’ as decided upon from time to time by the central committee or the respective polit bureau of the communist party. Propaganda is also used during wartime in the form of psychological warfare to confuse and demoralize the enemy troops through the spread of misinformation to the extent of forcing them to flee or surrender. So this is ultimately what the Communist forces too want to happen in India:
1. Gradually instigate the society and its citizenry by brainwashing them with fake narratives through widespread propaganda and to agitate against the Indian government with the intention of creating a chaotic society and hatred against the very idea of an elected government.
2. Wage a war against the Indian government through a united armed rebellion with the help of Naxal and Maoist cadres.
3. Create communal disturbances and caste conflicts to divide society and bring forth enduring violence to dismantle the social fabric of the country. Example: Elgar Parishad-Bhima Koregaon Violence.
So the ultimate goal is to implant an authoritarian regime of the Communist Party by overthrowing the democratically elected Indian government through an armed rebellion. What would give rise to thereafter be best said in Mao’s own true words: “political power grows out of the barrel of a gun”, wherein the Communist “party commands the gun” and the cadres of the party shall create a whole new set of civilization on the lines of the Communist Manifesto. The Communist Party is not just a party for the poor or proletarians but a party that vehemently wants the poor to continue to live in poverty and make them to aid and agitate against the state machinery for the ultimate goal of communist rule in the geopolitical arena. And those liberals who live up luxuriously at the cost of the poor are sarcastically said to be the liberals of Lutyen’s Delhi and lived there in all pomp which is quire contrary to the communist manifesto itself. In is this left-leaning ‘intellectual wagon’ that has been challenged by the rising alternate knowledge system that has roots to Sanatan Dharma.
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Monopoly over the Truth: Abusing democracy and
Bharat in the name of free speech is established as sign of intellectualism

According to Karl Marx, the propounder of the Communist ideology and the author of the Communist Manifesto, anything that acts as a barrier for such a Communist regime should be destroyed and this makes sense in the left’s invention of fake narratives such as Hindutva hegemony and saffron terrorism. The Hindu way of living is known for its cultural values, heritage and diverse thought processes. It’s pretty absurd to take away the traditions and multi-diverse cultural heritage of India that has evolved over the centuries just to lay the foundation of a failed and outdated political thought such as communism that has been the motivation behind millions of killings and still continues to put millions of populations in peril throughout the world. Having said that the Left’s self-portrayal of a liberal narrative is a ‘joke’ considering the total historic absence of the right to free speech and free will in other communist regimes of the world and is, therefore, misleading to all Indians.
Let us not forget Tiananmen Square massacre or the ‘June Fourth incident’ of 1989 that happened in our neighboring ‘Red China’. The massacre was a Communist regime sponsored suppression of the Chinese youth during the 1989 pro-democracy movement calling for greater accountability, press freedom, and free speech. The army opened fire using assault rifles and used armored vehicles to ram into protesting Chinese youths thereby killing many. A similar such incident was repeated in the Communist regime of Venezuela under the dictatorship of Nicolas Maduro where armoured military vehicles and trucks ran over the Venezuelan protestors in the streets of Caracas. There are dozens of examples across the world where such a Communist regime has been implanted in the name of fighting the capitalists but has utterly failed in governance. Under such Communist regimes, the decision of the Communist Party is final irrespective of the realities and any narrative or rebellion against the communist rule shall be thwarted with all might just exactly like what Mao thought and did: political power grows out of the barrel of a gun.
Today Communism in the world is an ideology that propounds a fairly outdated mechanism for rule and justice. It has been reduced to a mere ideological tool to grab power and play politics of poverty. It deserves rejection on a massive scale.

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Targetting security forces through foot soldiers in jungles
and denigrating constitutional democracy in urban centres are two sides of the same coin
So the bitter question is: How can the same Communist ideology be a symbol of violence-mongering, blood-thirstiness, anti-democratic and anti-tribal in rural India and at the same time be liberal and democratic in urban India? This is but the threads of the same Communist ideology which is notoriously strategizing to create social unrest in urban India and at the same time preparing its rural Naxal–Maoist cadre for a timed armed rebellion to overthrow the democratically elected Indian government. All their attacks on our security forces in rural areas are but just that. All attempts to create social unrest in urban India through fake news and malicious propaganda are nothing but just that: to bring down the elected government. This they do by taking the help of the same democratic system. They fight elections, seek judicial protection, protest against the government and ultimately survive to ensure that the ultimate goal of grabbing power is realized.
Now what they are doing in India is quite disheartening. The leaders and sympathizers of the Communist ideology would want to break the age-old cultural traditions of India. Kerala’s Left Democratic Front Government’s sheer eagerness to immediately implement the Supreme Court verdict on the entry of women into the holy shrine of Sabarimala even without consulting the Hindu seers is one such conspiracy that raises our eyebrows. If the LDF government in Kerala was really concerned with women’s rights then why has the CPI(M) become responsible for widowing thousands of women through so many political murders across party lines in Kerala?
The time has come for every Indian to think logically: with more than a quarter century of the Left rule in Bengal, why has it caused such socio-economic meltdown and why are people still suffering from poverty and lack of basic amenities? This is because Communism plays the politics of poverty and relies on poverty as an important tool to constantly put forth struggles and revolutions against the elected government for the realization of their ultimate goal: power through the barrel of the gun. Is this not a matter of absurdity that the Communists have preferred bloodshed over democratic peace? What is the need of the hour is to identify and separate the anti-national trouble makers from the peace-loving and patriot citizens and deal with the culprits separately. The general public must realise that the tactics of Uurban Naxals are always to play hide and seek and take shelter in such a manner that blaming these culprits would mean the targeting of a larger section of an institution or society or a general thought process that is in practice. Differentiating the Urban Naxals from the ordinary citizenry is therefore important here on. Citizens who really want the democratic process to prevail must open up their mind and mouth to speak up, critically think and weigh the narratives and decide logically. Ultimately what a patriotic citizen can do is to prevent yet another citizen from getting entangled further into Communism.
(The author is a research scholar, Jawaharlal Nehru University. Tweet @sabareeshpa)