Why is the NCPCR and its chairperson a target of a sustained campaign by the Islamists and the Evangelists? Recent actions of the NCPCR gives a clue

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How and why did the Church, Human Rights Law Network and Islamists gang up to target the NCPCR? The answer lies in the recent actions by the NCPCR against the use of children in anti-CAA protests, evangelists child trafficking network, illegal business of the Church and using minor children for conversions
Colin Gonsalves appeared before Delhi High Court to secure bail for POCSO accused man who runs a so-called fact-checking site and to quash the FIR lodged by Delhi Police. The complaint was forwarded by the National Commission for Protection of Child Rights (NCPCR) to police.
Surprisingly the hearing ended up making Priyank Kanoongo personally a party with Rs 50 lakh compensation claims against him for the order passed by NCPCR. Its Chairperson was mischievously made the party in his personal capacity by Delhi HC even after the Common lawyer stressed that it is unconstitutional. At the same time the court ordered Delhi Police not to take coercive action against the accused. Human Rights Law Network's investment in judiciary thus paid off at the same time the Church-sponsored Twitter bots went bonkers in Gulf Countries to support the POCSO accused and to pressurise Delhi High Court and the NCPCR.
Colin Gonsalves' gang won the first round by making NCPCR Chairperson Priyank Kanoongo personally a party in the matter and by projecting Child abuser as the victim. Church funded HRLN's Colin Gonsalves wanted to uproot Priyank Kanoongo because he has doomed Rs 4000 Crore for Church-run business called CISCE. The CISCE has been accused of illegally running parallel to CBSE and violating the Right to Education Act (RTE). The NCPCR dragged it to the court and charged that the Church is running CISCE which is a multi-Crore corruption enterprise.
Church and Islamists were irked at the National Commission for Protection of Child Rights because it had issued directives to Delhi's local administration expressing worry about the pathetic state of kids being used as a weapon at Shaheen Bagh and in anti-CAA protests. Since then NCPCR and its Chairperson Priyank Kanoongo were repeatedly under fire for one reason or another.
Child Care Institutions run by the Church were using it as in-house factories of religious conversions by forcing non-Christian kids to study the bible. The National Commission for Protection of Child Rights had issued a stern warning to all state governments to crack down on it. As a result, European Church groups pumped money to the Human Rights Law Network to pin down the Chairperson Priyank Kanoongo.
Missionaries of Charities, an orphanage was caught selling infants in the open market. At that time the whole system was pressured to shut the case as the majority of the infants weren't orphans but were purchased by Catholic Nuns from poor tribal families. The NCPCR appealed in SC for SIT probe in the case involving trafficking of minor children by the Missionaries of Charities.
The European Union Church wanted to shut down India's MICA mining which provides daily cash to tribals, thus making them less vulnerable to ‘Rice bag’ conversions. Exaggerated Child labour stories in MICA mining spread across the globe and NCPCR countered it to save the Tribals.
In Meghalaya's East Khasi Hills Mylliem village, Church groups resisted the funeral of indigenous Niam Khasi Faith priests to persecute them. A Church-run school pressed kids in to protest. The NCPCR intervened and two Principals were reprimanded and punished.
These are some of the reasons for the animosity of the Islamists and the Evangelical Church against the NCPCR and its chairperson.
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