We must continue working together to find solutions for everyday problems resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic: Santosh Gangwar addressing G-20 Labour and Employment Ministers' Meet

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Santosh Gangwar, Minister of State for Labour and Employment has called upon all G-20 members to continue to work together for finding solutions to the everyday problems resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic.


Santosh Gangwar out that the COVID-19 pandemic has led to a new normal and changed the way we used to function.


Referring to region-specific measures to contain the impact of COVID-19 pandemic, he underlined that to mitigate the problems of the workers, India encouraged its employers for payment of wages to their workers. Santosh Gangwar added that adequate arrangements were made to provide temporary shelters, food and medical facilities to the migrant labourers. To facilitate distribution of food grains to migrant workers, he also informed that the Indian Government had launched one nation, one ration card scheme. COVID-19 and its impact have also been discussed in the G20, and the declaration also lists out the measures to mitigate the impact of COVID-19 on the labour market.


Santosh Gangwar also appreciated the efforts of the Saudi Presidency in developing the G20 Youth Roadmap 2025. The indicators relating to youth which have been identified for the first time at the G20 Forum will help us to assess the outcomes on the progress of youth in the labour market. Santosh Gangwar also conveyed India's firm belief that encouraging innovation, entrepreneurship, and industry-led skill development are the key drivers of youth development.
In India, he said Social Security coverage in the formal sector is provided through an effective and financially viable contributory system. For providing social security to workers in the informal sector, he informed that India had launched a unique Voluntary Pension Scheme for unorganised workers, where the government gives an equal matching contribution.
Appreciating that the universally relevant issue of gender equality is again the focus of G20 this year, he informed the meeting that to encourage women labour force participation in India, women are now allowed to work during the night time in all the establishments including mines with adequate safety and their consent. To promote women entrepreneurs, we are providing collateral-free loans to women to start their own business, he added


(Source: PIB)