‘Modi Idly’ showcasing love and respect of common citizens in Tamil Nadu for PM Modi to be launched in Salem

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An initiative of BJP Karyakarta Shridhar Mahesh, ‘Modi Idly’ priced at Rs. 10 for 4 Idlis would be launched in Salem on PM Modi’s birthday on 17th September. The popularity of PM Modi in TN debunks the Dravidian parties' anti-Modi and anti-BJP propaganda in the state.

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A BJP Karyakarta has found a very innovative way to take Modi’s name to the households in Tamil Nadu by launching ‘Modi Idly’ in a state where the biased media and Dravidian parties project both Modi and BJP in a bad light and as anti- Tamil. It would be formally launched on PM Modi’s birth i.e on 17th September.
For South Indian, Idly or Dosa is a must for breakfast. Some even prefer it for dinner. The steam boiled idly is a healthy and stable food for all ages and patients. Lactating mothers, with confidence, start solid food by giving idly to infants along with milk. TN BJP vice -president (propaganda cell) Sridhar Mahesh hit upon the idea of launching ‘Modi Idly’ from 17th of September.
Speaking to Organiser, Mahesh said “I have been working hard to popularize Modi’s government’s welfare schemes. The Dravidian parties and the media under its control are spreading all sorts of false propaganda about Modi and BJP. They made him the villain of Tamils and say that BJP is against their interests. During the lockdown period, we distributed 7,000 plates of food to poor and needy people daily. We have helped 1.5 lakh people to get Ayushman Bharat card, free LPG cylinder, house for all and other welfare measures initiated by the Modi Sarkar. We have given more than 10,000 grocery kits to the needy. People have slowly changed their view on BJP and Modi. They appealed to us to sell food at reasonable rates for them. It made us sit to think about food outlets. We have decided to launch Modi Idly from 17th in Salem on his birthday. Initially we have decided to have 22 stalls. It will be at the cheapest price for 4 pieces with sambar. We have modern kitchen equipment and attach importance to hygiene. Equipment for the idly project has already been installed. It would make 40,000 idlis per day. Its soft launch was organized on 5th September with pooja”.
Even before the soft launch, Salem city is replete with posters and banners informing the launch of ‘Modi Idly’. Posters which have been put up in Salem have PM Modi on the left side with ‘four idlis for Rs.10’ written on the centre and a picture of Mahesh on the right. It reads “Lotus hero Mahesh presents Modi idly. Four idlies for Rs.10 with Sambar, to be introduced soon in Salem. Made with modern kitchen equipment, tasty, healthy”.

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Shridhar Mahesh (right) and his team including his family prepare for the launch of 'Modi Idly' in Salem on Sept 17
Mahesh said depending on the success, the number of stalls selling idlis would be increased. Former Jayalalithaa’s pet scheme of Amma Canteen has a plate of Idly priced at one rupee for breakfast or Pongal with sambar and Chutney. Chapatis for dinner is priced at Rs.3 per piece and for lunch, mixed rice varieties at Rs 5 per plate are being sold. Many States have emulated the ‘Amma Canteen’ concept in their respective regions. This is popular among people at the lower strata and daily wage- earning class.
To a question whether it would compete with Amma Canteen, Mahesh said “We don’t think so. There is a demand from them to open idly outlets. Even the middle class, who have been facing difficulties during the lockdown period, want us to support them. We will have our own customers from the poor masses. We would use quality ingredients and maintain hygiene, tasty idlis available through the day at an affordable price. We are confident that ‘Modi Idly’ will be a success as people are waiting for its launch ever since the publicity campaign was started”. He debunked the claim that it is an idly war.
Mahesh said “Autos and vehicles ply with banners to publicise. Besides this, we take this to people by word of mouth, handbills and posters. Idly is a favourite tiffin or food to support the economically weaker section. The demand came from them to start a food outlet. There is a political message behind the project. Most of the people in TN have a false impression about Modi which we want to project him in the right spirit. Modi has done more to the people of Tamil Nadu than any other Prime Ministers in the past. Despite false propaganda carried out by the Dravidian parties, people at large love Modi for his bold and welfare -oriented measures for all sections of society. In Tamil Nadu we have a political alliance with Dravidian parties and there is an ideological difference. We are to promote BJP and Modi in the state. There is a false propaganda that BJP has no presence in TN which is not true. It is false propaganda. We have won in Tripura, Assam and north eastern states. It can happen in the state, as people are god loving ones”, says Mahesh confidently.
Coincidentally, Chief Minister Palanisamy’s birthplace Edapadi is in Salem district.