International webinar on Balochistan Liberation Movement explores ways to liberate Balochistan from the illegal occupation by Pakistan; Baloch government in exile to be formed soon

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 Balochistan leaders part of the webinar opined that the region will definitely get independence and Pakistan is bound to break. Baloch leaders have called for unity of all factions for the sake of Azad Balochistan. They also agreed on formation of a Baloch government in exile.
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Shri Indresh Kumar, National Patron of FANS, Naella Qadri Baloch, Baloch Human Rights Activist living in Canada and many Baloch leaders and freedom fighters participated in the International Webinar on Balochistan Liberation Movement
New Delhi: National Patron of Rashtriya Suraksha Jagaran Manch (FANS) and All India Executive Board member of Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh, Shri. Indresh Kumar, blamed Pakistan for the atrocities on Baloch citizens and called for all Baloch leaders and organizations to be united in the Balochistan liberation movement. He was speaking at the International webinar on Balochistan Liberation Movement organised by FANS.
On Wednesday, an international webinar was organized by FANS on Balochistan Liberation Movement. Addressing this webinar, Indresh Kumar said that the people of Balochistan have been organizing the movement for a long time, including at the United Nations, by narrating their story of Pakistan's oppression to the world from time to time. India's attention too has been drawn towards this. Pakistan was formed after the partition of Bharat, but was itself partitioned in 1971. Today Pakistan is on the verge of splitting and breaking into five-six pieces. Balochistan, Pashtunistan, Sindh want to be separated from it. Pakistan's geographical location will definitely change in the coming times, he opined.
Indresh Kumar said that at the time of partition, Balochistan had informed the British that they would not join Pakistan. But Mohammed Ali Jinnah and the British forcefully captured it by military invasion and since 1948, Balochistan has been agitating for an independent nation. Pakistan is persecuting the people of Balochistan. China is also supporting them in this act. Pakistan has so far killed millions of people in Balochistan, and has kidnapped thousands of people and is brutally persecuting them. Pakistan's army has massacred millions of Baloch civilians with military and tanks and has also devastated millions of Baloch people. Many Baloch people live in India and other countries of the world who are fighting and want an independent Balochistan. Baloch and Pashtun leaders did not want to join Pakistan. Many Baloch leaders had raised their voice to join Hindustan or to remain as an independent entity. The Baloch people had clearly stated their opinion at the time of Partition, but they were not heard. From that time the people of Balochistan started raising their voices for safeguarding their identity. He said that the need of the hour is that all the leaders of the Balochistan Liberation Movement must unite to carry forward their campaign and in this campaign all Indians are with them. One day all Baloch people will definitely see their movement succeed and will be a free and independent nation, he said.
Indresh Kumar said that all Baloch leaders and organizations associated with the liberation movement should join hands with the leaders of Tibet, united by the barbarity and torture of China, and also form a government-in-exile like the Tibetans. He made three important suggestions to make this movement successful.
- First, all Baloch leaders decide among themselves, choose a common leader and decide in which country to take refuge.
- Second, the Baloch leadership should talk to all the countries of the world and seek recognition for their identity and struggle.
- Third, create a flag, a slogan, a legislation and a common program.
He told the Baloch leaders to think before taking any step and then decide the common agenda. Only by taking concrete decisions can the liberation movement be made successful in a short time. "Set the common agenda of your roadmap so that all Baloch leaders can remain united and carry forward the campaign worldwide. The way Baloch people have been struggling, sacrificing for their liberation, it can be successfully carried forward only by remaining united", he said. 

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Later, the National Organization of National Security Jagaran Manch, General Secretary Golak Bihari Rai Ji addressed the webinar and said that a united voice should be raised about Balochistan Liberation Movement. "Today's Balochistan has been a part of traditional Bharat. The whole of Balochistan is associated with Vedic culture. Marathi people have an unbreakable relationship with Baloch people. The struggle of the Baloch people has continued uninterrupted since partition. Despite this, the Baloch people are struggling to maintain their identity and are agitating for the same", he said.
He then said that Pakistan has been committing lot of atrocities in Balochistan for many decades. Pak army tortures Baloch people in detention camps and this fact is not hidden anymore. "Those who call for independence of Balochistan are persecuted. Pakistan's intention is to eliminate Baloch identity. While the Baloch have remained far away from civil and religious bigotry of Pakistan, they are also fighting for their identity. The martyrdom of many Baloch leaders will not go in vain. The martyrdom of a leader like Akbar Khan Bugti will add further strength to this movement", he said. In his concluding remarks Golak Bihari ji said that all the Baloch leaders, activists should decide on a leader, a common program so that this movement can reach the intended outcome and become successful.
After this, Professor Naella Qadri Baloch (President Baloch People's Congress, Canada) addressed the webinar and said that for many decades Pakistan government and Islamic fundamentalists have brutally oppressed the Baloch people in Balochistan. Despite this, we have never accepted slavery of Pakistan or Iran. "Continued repression, atrocities on Baloch people from Pakistan continues. Baloch, Pashtun, Baltistan people are not happy in Pakistan. Everyone wants freedom from them. Hindustan is also facing the poison of Pak terrorism. A joint strategy against it is the need of the day and hence there is a need to work in solidarity. Our effort now is to form an government in exile, which will strengthen the voice of the Baloch people and lead to the successful outcome of the Liberation movement", he opined.
He also said that the voice of the Baloch people has gained strength from India and wished that this cooperation will continue. Naela Qadri Baloch said that the three enemies of Baloch are Pakistan, Iran and China. They are all conspiring against us. Despite this, we are pushing our movement strongly. He said that Balochis are being slaughter every day by Pakistan. "Those who become the voice of Baloch people are being killed publicly. Baloch people are constantly sacrificing themselves to save their land and their identity. Baloch government in exile is needed for liberation from oppression of Pakistan. We have contacted many countries of the world including India for this. We will form a committee and contact all the organizations and decide the outline of such a government in exile. Our effort is to form a government in exile in India. It is expected that India's support will come in this. With this, we will be able to organize and fight the battle for Baloch identity", he said.
He also said that the government in exile would work peacefully and establish Azad Balochistan. He appealed to India to support the Baloch movement and cooperate with the government in exile. India should strengthen their voice in the United Nations so that the Baloch people can be liberated from the barbarity of Pakistan.
Hakim Baloch (Baloch National Movement, UK) spoke next and said that Pakistan has committed a lot of atrocities on Balochistan. The Balochistan Liberation Movement has gained momentum since the 90s. The motive behind this movement has been liberation from the occupation and oppression of Pakistan. "If the Baloch movement had received support from all over the world, the situation would have been different today. The Baloch youth have raised the voice against Pakistan through considerable struggle. Pakistan has banned this movement, but the youth are still struggling to raise their voice vigorously. This movement now needs to be more vocal at the international level to highlight the barbarity, atrocities, brutality of Pakistan. This movement is fighting for an independent Balochistan, and it needs cooperation from other supporting countries including India", he said.
Fahim Baloch (Baloch Human Rights Activist, UK), while addressing the webinar, strongly advocated the protection of human rights of Baloch people. He said that the first Britishers divided Balochistan into several pieces and then Pakistan started their atrocities on Baloch. "Pakistan Army kidnaps the Baloch people and kills them. Atrocities is so high that the houses of thousands of Baloch people were destroyed, their property damaged. Pakistan has committed grave human rights violations in Balochistan. Every Baloch citizen is guilty in the eyes of Pakistan and Pakistan Army. Pakistan has created a condition in Balochistan that illiteracy is rampant as people there do not even getting proper education. The Pakistan Army has destroyed the education system there. People living around the CPEC corridor are being forcibly evicted or abducted", he revealed.
In conclusion, Fahim Baloch said that the world should intervene in the matter of people being abducted on the day of arrival in Balochistan and Pakistan should stand in the dock and be exposed. Pressure should be put on Pakistan so that the truth of the missing Baloch people can be revealed, he said.