PM's call for Aatma Nirbhar Bharat reaches Nasdaq - Indian start-up WUS selected by Nasdaq Entrepreneurial Center for its Circle program

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Indian start-up Worker union support (WUS) incorporated on PM Modi's call for "Aatma Nirbhar Bharat App challenge" has been selected by the Nasdaq Entrepreneurial Center for its Circle program.
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Nasdaq Entrepreneurial Center selected Indian startup – Worker union support (WUS) 's Founder & CEO Mr Prasoon Sharma for its new program, Circles: an individualized group mentorship & coaching experience for founders and entrepreneurs. WUS was incorporated on PM Modi's call for "Aatma Nirbhar Bharat App challenge". WUS aims to improve the lives of 500 million workers in India and 3.3 billion workers globally by building a Unified-digital community for workers and unions.
Aatma Manthan To Build Aatma Nirbhar Bharat:
Amid Covid19 pandemic, Indian Prime Minister urged Indians to move towards self-reliance, but WUS team believes that before initiation of building self-reliant India; first, Indians should do self- contemplation
- Do we lack resources to feed our people?
- Is the Government not concerned about painful mishaps (e.g. Migrant workers death during covid19)?
- Are we as a society not considerate enough?
Answer To All The Above – No. Then why our workers/Laborers are suffering? (Problem statement). Following are the primary reasons: 
  • "Lack Of" Or "Delayed" Communication: The real, needy worker did not receive the help, or the real, needy worker gets the resource when it is too late
  • No Unified Worker Database: For better resource management, Government and society need a proper database to provide resources and help to workers. Furthermore, For skill development and growth, a digital database will also help to communicate and offer developmental resources.
  • No Unified Digital Worker Community Platform: Government and social support are not always needed; Workers can help each other. Moreover, workers can share their knowledge and grievances within their community to help each other 
WUS App provides a solution to the above problems. WUS solutions compliment Indian governments initiative to build a National Worker database. WUS is approaching various stakeholders like trade unions, NGOs, governments and influencers to create a social impact by improving the lives of 500 million workers in India and 3.3 billion workers in the world.
Nasdaq Entrepreneurial Center's Circle program is open to selected Founders and Entrepreneur community; a Circle is a multi-week commitment to solving entrepreneurs most pressing problems alongside industry expert mentors. Through this highly curated experience, Founders and Entrepreneurs will build peer connections, clear next steps and the capacity to be productive & resourceful while facing immediate changing circumstances and adversity. WUS – a product of PD software Pvt. Ltd- is a Department for Promotion of Industry and Internal Trade (DPIIT) recognized startup.