Gravestone at the Southern Xinjiang Military Region; the first evidence Chinese troops were killed in Galwan Clash with Indian Army

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After more than 2 months of the clash at the Galwan Valley, proof of the People's Liberation Army (PLA) casualties is finally out. Pictures of graves of Chinese troops killed in the clash are going viral on Chinese social media.
A gravestone identifying a Chinese soldier who died during the Galwan clash on June 15 circulated on Chinese social media platform ‘Weibo’ appears to be the first evidence of Chinese troops killed during a standoff with India.
The inscription on one of the gravestones, in Mandarin, says, "Tomb of martyr Chen Xiangrong, the soldier of the Unit 69316 of the Southern Xinjiang Military District of the Chinese People's Liberation Army 13th Regiment. Born in December 2001, from Pingnan county, Fujian province China. Sacrificed in the fight against India's border defence in June 2020."

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It was earlier reported that 35 Chinese troops were killed in the clash at Galwan Valley. However, fresh viral pictures suggest that there have been more deaths than the speculated figure.
The Indian Army stated that “We are committed to maintaining peace and tranquillity through dialogue, but are also equally determined to protect the country's territorial integrity”.
The gravestone also writes that it was erected on August 5, 2020, in the Southern Xinjiang Military Region.