Complaint filed against India Bible Literature Trust for indulging in Conversions, FCRA violations and defaming Hindu Culture and Traditions

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LRPF Investigation _1&nbs
Legal Rights Protection Forum (LRPF) has registered a complaint against ‘India Bible Literature Trust’ with the Union Home Ministry primarily for FCRA violations and also for indulging in conversions and defaming Hindu Culture and Traditions.
In its letter to Shri Kishan Reddy, Minister of State, Union Home Affairs, LRPF says that the ‘India Bible Literature Trust’ in its newsletters, videos and speeches made in its various conferences has made derogatory references to India, Hinduism and Hindus. The speakers at its events have also denigrated the Hindu faith, say LRPF. "They have nothing but hate and contempt for India and Hindus", says the letter to the Union Home Ministry.
The accused India Bible Literature Trust is a Christian NGO registered in Chennai and having FCRA license (ID: 075900194). The said trust is an Indian affiliate to World Missionary Press, having the objective of distributing Bibles and other Christian literature to India at free of cost. With a clear aim of Religious Conversions, World Missionary Press has designed its literature in various forms such as stories, gospels, songs, targeting and convincing all sections of people of India, says LRPF.
LRPF complaint says that one of their websites, namely to which the Trust regularly uploads their newsletters videos etc, shames Hinduism and Hindus regularly. Such evangelical videos can be found here and here. Quoting from one of their newsletters under 'Project India News' titled “Shining Light into the Darkness”, says “This nation for centuries under the dark cloud of Hinduism, shackled by the oppression of the caste system desperately needs the light of the gospel of Christ” - Harold Mack, President, World Missionary Press.
Their website also displays the wrong map of India which is also a serious offence. On 7th Aug, 2020, World Missionary Press put out a tweet titled “Hope for Pakistan” showing a wrong map of India and including parts of Indian territory under Pakistan. (Link: This is not the 1st time World Missionary Press is showing a wrong map of India. The newsletter referred above also displays a highly distorted map of India. (Link:
LRPF Investigation Wrong
Wrong Map of India shown by World Missionary Press on Twitter
Conversions using dubious methods
The LRPF letter provides details of the methods used by the accused trust to convert gullible people. LRPF says that The World Missionary Press through its India arm the accused India Bible Literature Trust, has been implementing its agenda of wiping out Hinduism from India. Millions of booklets in all Indian languages, tribal dialects are being pumped into the country with a sole aim of converting them to Christianity.
LRPF Investigation Target
Targeting Hindus for conversions using false claims
An excerpt from their newsletter confirms the same. It reads: “Scripture booklets are highly valued as many are coming to the Lord and being disciplined through them. Over and over the pastors shared the significance of the booklets being pure Scripture organized by topic. When a sorcerer (a derogatory reference to Hindu Archak) received a copy of How to Know God, he read it, gave his life to God, was baptized, and is now a pastor—evangelizing villages with his wife and daughter using How to Know God Scripture booklets”
Booklet distribution through Evangelist NGOs
LRPF has exposed the way the booklets are distributed. The main distributors of the booklets of World Missionary Press are 1) Operation Mobilisation India 2) Serve India Ministries. The former organisation is facing a slew of court cases/ED enquiry following complaints by its own employees and others. The latter has also proved to be a rabid Hindu hating NGO constantly spewing venom on Hindus and its tradition. A complaint has been lodged against them by us with exhaustive evidence of their misdeeds, reveals the LRPF letter.
Violations in FCRA receipts
LRPF investigation into the missionary trust has revealed that massive amounts of money is poured into the country through the World Missionary Press for converting Indians into Christianity. The FCRA receipts of its India affiliate- India Bible Trust are as follows: 

LRPF Investigation FCRA r 
The Trust which gets the FCRA funds in the name of 'Education' is using those funds to misguide gullible people through atrocity literature and to defame Hinduism.
Targeting Minor Children
The investigation by LRPF into the World Missionary Press booklets marketed by India Bible Literature Trust, found that the booklets are specifically designed to influence children to become Christians. They are profusely illustrated with Jesus and children. LRPF says that even while distributing, minor children coming out of schools in the evening are the main targets. "This rabid evangelist conversion group has scant regard for laws protecting the rights of minor children", says LRPF.
LRPF Investigation Target
Children are their primary targets for conversions using atrocity literature
Anti-India posts in social media/ internet
The World Missionary Press has been making false and defamatory claims against India and the government. On 4th August, 2020, World Missionary Press tweeted, “Christians in India are being forced to renounce Christianity if they want to receive Covid-19 relief aid”. This tweet quoted a post in a website. The post uses a picture of Lord Shiva to imply that Hindus are responsible for denying Covid-19 aid to Christians.
LRPF Investigation Posts
Posts defaming India and the government on social media/ internet
"This is spreading hatred of the highest order and a serious insult to our nation. This act should not go unpunished", writes the LRPF.
In view of all the allegations mentioned above, LRPF requests the Union Home Ministry to conduct an enquiry into the activities of World Missionary Press and its Indian arm – India Bible Literature Trust and take necessary action.