Pious Soil of Sharda peeth in POJK used in Ram mandir Bhoomi Pujan in Ayodhya

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Save Sharda Committee, Kashmir on invitation of VHP had sent the pious soil got from Sharda Peeth in POJK through its president Shri Alok Kumar. Save Sharda Committee sent a pious stone (Shila) too through one of the members Shri Manjunath and it was presented to the Mahant of Ram Mandir and finally it was used in the Shilanyas today. The soil alongwith soil collected from various parts of the country reached Ayodhya yesterday.
In a statement issued today in New Delhi on the occasion Founder of Save Sharda Committee Sh. Ravinder Pandita said that he is very thankful to the civil society members of POJK, who had sent the pious soil & flowers from Sharda Peeth to him.
“The pious soil of the maha Shakti Peeth has been utilised for a pious occasion of construction of Shree Ram Mandir in Ayodhya, the birth place of Lord Ram. Save Sharda Committee also distributed pamphlets regarding the struggle of the committee in Ayodhya today", said Ravinder Pandita.
Save Sharda Committee has been struggling for more than 2 decades for exploration of Sharda Peeth and reopening of pilgrimage.