Soil, bricks, sand from river beds, holy water from all-across Tamil Nadu reach Ayodhya, as entire state decks up for August 5th festivities

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Bricks, Soil, river sand, holy waters from Tamil Nadu were taken to Ayodhya to be included in the start of construction ceremony to be held on August 5 at the Ram Janmabhoomi site.
Salem Desiya Seva Samithi, a RSS inspired organisation, made silver brick weighing 17.5 kg for Ayodhya Ram mandir. Athmananda Sarawathi Swamigal spoke to Organiser and told that people overwhelmingly donated silver to make the brick. In the pooja, I and Ramanda Puri attended. The stone is being taken on Road and would be personally delivered by our representatives at Ayodhya, he said.
Holy water and soil from sacred places across Tamil Nadu connected with the epic Ramayana were couriered to Ayodhya for the foundation stone laying ceremony. Tamil Nadu is the bakthi boomi where temples for Rama, Krishna and Lord Vishnu are aplenty. Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) said they had collected water from the confluence of Bay of Bengal, Arabian Sea and Indian Ocean at Kanyakumari. It said a special pooja was done at the Bhagavathi Amman temple and the Prasad (offerings) were sent along with the water and sand to Ayodhya.
Water and soil, sand were gathered from several of the Bharat were sent to Ayodhya. The holy waters would be poured onto the Ram Mandir temple foundation.Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) Dakshin Tamil Nadu unit has dispatched sand and water from holy river Cauvery at Srirangam, prasad like Silk Vastra, holy water and others from Ranganathar Sannathi were taken around around the inside temple after a special pooja in a procession.
Devotees raised ‘Jai Sri ram’ which reverberated temple premises. They were sent to Ayodhya to be included in the foundation of Ram temple. PM Nagarajan, Sethuraman of VHP, RSS Trichy division president Chelladurai and RSS, BJP and other sangh parivar pramukhs took part in the event. Sand and bricks from Salem Ayodhyapattnam Kothanda Ramar koil with ‘Jai sriram ‘ carving were dispatched through the postal department to Ayodhya. Before that they were taken around the Salem city in a procession that started at Salem Pattai Koil Hanuman temple and passed through Bazar Street.
Special Viswakarma poojas were performed at Ekambareswarar Kamatchi Amman temple. In the procession cadres dressed like Hanuman, Nalan, Neelan carrying the brick stone. According to legend Ramayana, Nalan and Neelan of Viswakarma community were in the Sukreevan’s sena. In the event, Salem Viswakarma community people and VHP functionaries took part.
Kanchi Kamkoti Peedathipathi Jagadguru Sri Sankaracharya Swamigal in a message has its followers (Shishyaas) to recite ‘Jai Ram Shri Ram’ 108 times and Kamatchi Amman hymns from 124-129 in chapter 40 of Kanchipuram Mahatmyam. King Dasaratha chanted these slokas. Coincidentally on 5th day is the varshika Jayanthi of 69 pontiff Sri Jayendra Saraswathi Swamigal who took efforts to build Ram Temple at Ayodhya.Hindu organisations have called upon the Hindus to have ‘Jai Sri Ram’ as DP for their social media on 5th August. Sand collected from seven hill lord Tirupathi Balaji temple was also sent to Ayodhya.