"Shashi Tharoor is a guest artist in Congress, he has no political maturity," says Congress leader Kodikunnil Suresh MP; Civil War intensifies in Congress

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Opening a new warfront, senior Congress leader Kodikunnil Suresh MP lashed out at Shashi Tharoor MP, alleging that he has no political maturity. “It is not right that Tharoor can comment on anything because he believes himself to be a ‘global citizen’. He is not bothered about the party’s stance, " Suresh said.
Congress MP from Thiruvananthapuram Shashi Tharoor was one among the 23 senior leaders in the Congress who had demanded a change in the party leadership. Tharoor had also supported the central government’s decision to lease out the operations of the Thiruvananthapuram Airport to private entities. The Congress party had taken a stand against the centre's decision.
“Tharoor joined the Congress as a guest artist and continues to remain the same,” said Suresh. Kodikunnil said that Tharoor should be ready to work within the party even though he is a global citizen, adding that Tharoor thinks that the party's stand does not apply to him.