Positivity as a force multiplier in each of us

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It’s about doing ONE #IndiaPositive action. ONCE a week. EVERY week. This isn’t about 100 people getting together. This is about what YOU can do. This is NOT about diversity of actions. This is all about consistency of action. Start the journey. Build a glorious nation one action at a time
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Cover of the book #IndiaPositiveCitizen and
Goal of #IndiaPositiveCitizen -
Changing the World One Story at a Time
While growing up we are perpetually told about our Rights as per the Constitution. We are also taught about our Duties as a citizen of this great Nation, especially during our student life. But while balancing between our Duties and our Rights, we sometimes forget about consciously doing good for society, not as a duty, but as a positive action which could end up being a positivity multiplier in the life of another. For example, planting a tree is not a duty per se, but it is a positive action which enhances the richness of life for many. Feeding a bird is not a duty, but a positive action which brightens up one’s life. And the best part about positive actions is that it doesn’t cost money, it doesn’t take up all your time, it doesn’t disturb your daily schedule. If you find this incredulous, you need to read the book “#IndiaPositiveCitizen” written by Savitha Rao.
The uniqueness of this book is being an interactive module which inspires you to think and reflect, encourages you to interact with other citizens via the #IndiaPositiveCitizen website and SM handles
This is a very UNIQUE book which does not aim to sit on your bookshelf, but aims to enter your life via motivating you to get up and do something positive. As Savitha Rao states, “You aren’t one among a billion. You are an important ONE in a billion.” She wants every citizen of India to contemplate on which is that one action that one can do at least once a week, every week without fail. And if you are short of ideas on what you could do, she has enriched us with knowledge about 52 heartwarming stories of how simple people became “that” one India Positive Citizen who made a big impact on at least one person by doing a simple act of goodness. As she says, “1 billion India Positive Citizens = 52 billion potential India Positive actions in a year”. Imagine the positivity force multiplier …
The uniqueness of this book is also that it has space to jot down your ideas for a positive action and then jot down how you have traversed that path. It is an interactive module which inspires you to think and reflect, encourages you to interact with other citizens via the #IndiaPositiveCitizen website and SM handles. And very responsibly, this book lists out many actions which do not involve huge sums of money, because that is the first excuse given by people to escape doing any good work.
In fact, it’s the world’s first book with a cover designed for the reader to write his/her name on it. Not just as a novelty but as a pledge.
One #IndiaPositiveCitizen = 52 #IndiaPositive actions in a year. 1 billion #IndiaPositiveCitizens = 52 billion potential #IndiaPositive actions in a year
When I read this book, I realized that I was indulging in positive actions many times, but without being conscious of it. I realized the value of doing positive actions consciously because that is what makes us less erratic and more responsible. Trust me, schools need to include this book in their curriculum and make the children fill up the pages, because when children are taught the value of positive actions early in life, it becomes a part of their personality. A nation becomes great when its citizens walk that extra mile to make someone else smile, even in difficult times.
The tagline, “One Action. Once a Week. Every Week.” deserves to become a part of every Indian’s life. #IndiaPositiveCitizen book can be purchased from the website www.indiapositivecitizen.com and one can connect via
Twitter via @_IndiaPositive
Instagram https://www.instagram.com/india.positive
(The Writer is Mumbai based columnist)