Archaeological Dept blocks Kerala Devaswom Board’s move to demolish historical monument

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Following protests by Hindu Aikya Vedi, the Archaeological Department has blocked the move of the Cochin Devaswom Board to demolish the Pazhayannur Kovilakam, a 500-year-old historical monument. The department has also ordered to cease the tender processes.
The Kovilakam (palace) of the Cochin Royal family is situated near the Pazhayannur Bhagawati Temple. The Kovilakam is now on the verge of destruction due to negligence on the part of the authorities. The palace has also become a centre for anti-social elements.
According to reports, the valuables of the Kovilakam have gone missing. However, the Devaswom Board, which is supposed to renovate and protect the Kovilakam, has called for a tender to demolish it. Therefore, Hindu Aikyavedi came out in demonstration against the move.
The Archaeological Department has issued an order suspending the tender process. The action was taken on the complaint filed by Hindu Aikyavedi and members of the Royal Family.