#Shocking Six Malappuram natives arrested for hunting pregnant wild buffalo: Hunters cut open mother to share meat of full-grown fetus!

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In a yet another ghastly incident, a group of hundreds brutally shot dead a pregnant wild buffalo in Kerala. The state forest officials have arrested six natives of Malappuram district in connection with the incident which took place on August 10. Pullara Abu aka Nanippa (47), Muhammad Bustan (30), Muhammad Ansif (23), Ashiq (27) and Suhail (28). Another accused Babu was arrested on Sunday.
According to reports, the accused not only shared the meat of the buffalo but also cut open the mother to share the meat of the full-grown fetus.
A few months ago, Kerala was in the news after a pregnant elephant died after she was fed with firecracker-filled pineapple. The firecrackers exploded in her mouth that eventually led to her death. The incident had created a big uproar in the country and even abroad.
As per reports, Abu, the accused in the case, shot the wild buffalo with his own gun. The full-grown embryo was found when they butchered the mother, which they shared among other team members. The remaining parts including the skull were then dumped in various places in the forest.
25 kg of meat was found in the house of Abu the first accused in the case. Remaining members of the team are also under custody. The Range Officer estimates that there are more culprits. The accused will be produced in the Manjeri court after completing the follow-up proceedings.