Movie based on ‘true history’ of 1921 Malabar Hindu genocide: Director Ali Akbar raises over Rs 76 lakhs through crowdfunding, launches film production house 'Mama Dharma'

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Malayalam film director Ali Akbar has raised over Rs 76 lakhs through crowdfunding and launched a film production company named ‘Mama Dharma’. The new film production company was inaugurated by Swami Chidanandapuri Maharaj, the head of Kolathur Advaita Ashram.
The new production house was launched with the sole aim of producing a film based on the true history of the Malabar Hindu Genocide in 1921. The pre-production works of the film are in the initial stages, he said. Ali Akbar said that the film will be released next year.
Ali Akbar has come up with his new film in response to the Communist-Jihadi nexus’ announcement of films on the life of Variyan Kunnathu Kunjahammed Haji, a Jihadi who perpetrated the 1921 anti-Hindu genocide. On the eve of the 100th anniversary of the Khilafat movement, three Malayalam movies in praise of the Moplah genocide of Hindus, had been announced in Kerala. The Islamist-controlled Malayalam film industry went on a Khilafat movie spree after the announcement of a film, based on the life of the notorious Hindu massacre Variyan Kunnathu Kunjahammed, by director Ashiq Abu. The move has triggered widespread anger and condemnation across the state as Kunjahammed was the chief of the jihadi force that led the anti-Hindu riots in Malabar during Khilafat movement in which thousands of Hindus were butchered, raped and forcibly converted to Islam.
Swami Chidanandapuri extended his full support to the new venture that seeks to bring out the hitherto suppressed history of the Hindu genocide. Kesari Editor-in-Chief NR Madhu and Janmabhumi News Editor M Balakrishnan were among those presented on the occasion.
Soliciting support for his new film, Ali Akbar, in a Facebook post, said, "The Hindu genocide, the mass Islamic conversions that terrorised Kerala in 1921, following the Malabar Maappila Lahala and its associated Khilafat Movement remains the darkest episode of Islamic brutality on Hindus, unparalleled in the History of Bharat."
"This Nation should never again witness such a horrendous replay of the 1921 Hindu genocide, should not ever become a breeding ground for Islam terror. Towards achieving this end, we need to utter the truths loud and clear to the whole world and the making of a truth-portraying Film, with the whole-hearted support of each and every one among you that loves our Motherland has become inevitable," he added.