#KafirophobiaInWestAsia Burqa-clad Jihadi women break idols of Bhagwan Sri Ganesh Ji in Bahrain: Islamists across world hail the barbaric act, eulogise the ‘iconoclasts’

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A video of burqa-clad women breaking idols of Bhagwan Sri Ganesh Ji in a shopping mall in Bahrain has gone viral on social media. Islamists across the world are sharing the video on Twitter and Facebook with captions ‘Say no to Idolatry’ ‘Masha Allah’ etc.
Two Muslim women are seen shouting at the shopkeeper for ‘keeping the idols at the mall in an Islamic country’. One of them is seen breaking them into pieces by throwing them on the floor. The other woman was also heard asking the shopkeeper whether he was a Muslim.
The Ministry of Interior, Bahrain has issued a statement regarding the viral video and said that the Director-General of Capital Governorate Police the 54-year-old woman was summoned for intentionally damaging a shop in Juffair and breaking religious idols. The ministry has further stated that legal proceedings are underway.
Soon after the video has gone viral on social media, Islamists across the world took to Facebook and Twitter and hailed the Jihadi women for ‘acting against idolatry’, upholding the true spirit of Islam!
Meanwhile, protests are mounting in India against the brutal act of breaking Hindu idols and insulting Hindu religious sentiments. Reacting to the incident, BJP leader and former MP Shri Tarun Vijay said that he hopes that such rogue elements will be punished. “I am sure we have an embassy there. Hope they will take up this issue. @IndiaInBahrai . We have good relations with #Bahrain. Such rogue elements will be punished I hope,” he said in a tweet.