Outrage across Karnataka after minor girl commits suicide after being raped; Citizens demand capital punishment for the rapist Basheer

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Dharwad: Karnataka is enraged after a minor girl was raped by a known acquaintance and subsequently committed suicide. The minor girl who was studying in 8th standard girl was on her way to the temple to pray for her mother's recovery from an ailment when she was accosted by Basheer who molested and raped her.
The girl came back to her house and narrated her ordeal to her parents. Mentally disturbed by the incident, the girl later consumed poison. She was rushed to the hospital but was too late.
The accused Basheer has been taken into custody by the Dharwad police.
Union Minister Prahlad Joshi, who met the families of the minor girl, consoled them and promised justice. The girls parents who are from a agricultural background, poured their grief and demanding capital punishment. They informed that they had promised their daughter that Basheer would be taught a lesson but the girl was very disturbed and consumed pesticide. Though they immediately rushed her to the hospital, the treatment did not succeed they said.

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Union Minister Prahlad Joshi visited the girl's house and consoled the parents 
Speaking at the girl's house, Joshi asked the police to investigate and ensure that the accused is punished. He also requested the police to provide protection to the girl's family so that those who are trying to protect the accused cannot cause any harm to them. He urged the family to approach the police and report any problems. An amount of Rs. 1 lakh was handed over to the family by Joshi.
Campaign on social media to 'Hang Basheer'
As the entire state erupted in anger against the rapist, citizens have demanded capital punishment to the rapist Basheer. Entire city of Dharwad has been protesting against the incident.
Netizens from the state have launched a social media campaign demanding justice to the minor girl, her family and to punish the culprit. #JusticeForRoopa and #HangBasheer have been trending on social media for the last two days. Most netizens have demanded that Basheer should be hanged to death so that it serves as a deterrent for other rapists.
The citizens say they are determined to pursue the fight till the rapist is handed the capital punishment.