Chinese dissident Jianli Yang writes that revealing true number of casualties in Galwan clashes could lead to domestic unrest and put CCP's regime at stake

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Unverified sources corroborate Jianli Yang's claims of higher casualties as it shows a list of 108 Chinese soldiers killed in the Galwan Clashes.
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Jianli Yang, a Chinese dissident in USA, has claimed that CCP regime could be at stake if the true number of casualities in the Galwan clashes is revealed 
Jianli Yang, a Former Chinese military official and presently a dissident residing in the USA, has disclosed that unrest is brewing within the People's Liberation Army (PLA) ever since the Indian Army inflicted heavy casualties on its troops. He has attributed this to the fact admitting that PLA had lost troops, that too more in number than its opponent, could lead to major trouble and domestic unrest, that the very regime of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) could be put at stake.
In an article in the Washington Times, Yang accused that the Chinese government is not willing to disclose the PLA casualties in the Galwan Valley conflict. He wrote that the spokesman of the Chinese foreign ministry who had earlier given a 'step-by-step' account of the clashes, later dodged the questions regarding the Chinese casualties during various news conferences. Yang writes that while China has even refused to publicly admit that there had been casualties on its side, India paid homage to its martyrs with full state honors.
Yang is the son of a former Chinese Communist Party (CCP) leader and a Tiananmen Square activist. After 5 years of incarceration in a Chinese Prison, he was released in 2007 when he defected to the USA.
Indian Army killed 108 Chinese troops that day!
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List claimed to be that of 108 Chinese casualities in the Galwan clashes
Close on the claims of Jianli, unverified sources have put out a list of 108 Chinese soldiers killed in the Galwan Clashes. The list which has gone viral on the internet, does not distinguish between killed in action or wounded in battle. Chinese spokesperson have neither accepted the list or rejected the same altogether. They have been tight-lipped on the number of casualties.
It can be recalled that India had readily put out the list of its soldiers who made the supreme sacrifice while defending its borders and were laid to rest with full state honors. At the same time, Indian intercepts had revealed that Chinese side had suffered 43 casualties the same night including dead and seriously injured the Galwan valley clashes. The subsequent casualties were however not counted.
Trouble brewing in CCP after Galwan clashes
Yang has on several occasions revealed the duplicity and untrustworthy nature of the CCP. In his Washington Times article, Yang presents the plight of the PLA soldiers. ‘It is better not to think of the state of the retired Chinese army personnel when China does not care for the serving soldiers and martyrs from the Chinese military. The Chinese government frequently treats the retired soldiers, who participated in the 1979 China-Vietnam or the Korean war, with contempt. These soldiers are protesting against the communist government for pension, medical facilities and employment, for the last many years. But the Chinese government is not willing to take cognisance of their demands', he writes in the article.
Saying that the Xi Jinping government takes action against any soldiers who protest for their pension and other demands, he cites protests held by retired PLA soldiers against Jinping in various cities including Beijing. Yang also claims that there is anger brewing among the PLA soldiers against Jinping due to this attitude.
Jianli Yang's article in
Jianli Yang's article in the Washington Times 
He then says that the CCP is now worried that in this scenario, if it is announced that the number of Chinese soldiers killed is in multiples of the number of Indian soldiers, Xi will have to face a backlash and the retired soldiers, taking advantage of the situation, could attack the Chinese government. Yang says that Xi is well aware that if the Chinese soldiers rebel against him and the CCP, the government will not be able control the situation and hence they are trying to suppress the facts and appealing them to have faith in him. However, the such a truce is short-lived and Xi might face a rebellion soon say other sources.