Breaking India forces trying to usurp Keezhadi excavations - Unholy trio of Church Priests, dubious NGO’s and DMK trying to Christianise Tamil Culture for a separatist agenda

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The archaeological sites at Keezhadi, Pattanam and Vangchhia and artifacts therein have been openly accessed by dubious forces who have no say in the findings. These forces are now accused of removing artifacts that do not fit the “Dravidian” ideology so that a separate identity for Tamils, distinct from “Hindu Civilization”, can be formulated.
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Concerted, well planned efforts are on to falsify the Keezhadi archaeological findings only to Christianize Tamil culture by a well-oiled group. It is literally eating out of the palm of your hand. This coterie is trying hard to prove the historicity of Apostle Thomas. Sources claim that “a DMK MP and her close aide, two or three NGOs and a senior IAS officer, ASI officials are part of this grand conspiracy”.
Ever since the excavation work began at Keezhadi in Sivaganga District, it is riddled with unnecessary controversies by vested interests. They do not want the truth to come out based on the findings.
Well known archaeologist Dr. B S Harishankar presented a scientific study paper titled “Global Interventions in Keezhadi Excavations” which was published in Kesari weekly. His paper opened a Pandora’s box which shocked the people in Tamil Nadu and Kerala.
After an elaborate analysis and documentary evidence based on scientific findings, Harishankar drops the bombshell by accusing Archaeological Survey of India’s (ASI) excavation at Keezadi is with ulterior motives and produces history by hook or crook. Former CM Karunanidhi’s daughter and Thoothukudi MP Kanimozhi has been accused of trying to manipulate and meddle with the excavation.
Dr Harishankar in the paper said” All norms associated with excavation of a spot have been violated by the self-styled archaeologists who are digging at Keezhadi. The whole process was shrouded in mystery and they did not allow even a former director of ASI to examine their findings. What is the need for such a secret operation while the entire excavations carried out in other places of the country were open books”.
Harishankar, who is credited with two post- doctoral researches, claimed that the persons behind the project are out to prove that there existed a separate civilization in Keezhadi/South India independent of the civilization that existed in North India. He said “ they should have done it in a transparent manner. While archaeologists like former ASI director Dr T S Sathyamurthy were kept away from the site, the materials they dugout were taken to a laboratory in the USA to find their antiquity. Though there are enough facilities in India itself to test the materials, they would not give the result what they expected. They want a separate DNA result to establish a Dravidian race to raise separatist agitation”.
Dr Harishankar in another article titled “Keezhadi: Digging to create a church history” dated Nov.17, 2019 says “Keezhadi excavator K Amarnath Ramakrishna’s links with Jasper Raj can’t be overlooked. The enthusiasm shown by Amarnath Ramakrishna in supporting Gaspar Raj, Kanimozhi is suspicious. In 2016 when the ASI began a probe into alleged unscientific approaches adopted by the KCHR at Pattanam, Amarnath Ramakrishna was superintendent archaeologist of ASI, Bengaluru circle (“Pattnam excavations’ Business Standard Jan.5, 2016). His findings are not known, but Amarnath Ramakrishna later took up the Keezhadi excavations. Possibly, he prepared a report favourable to Left and Church historians to prove the historicity of Apostle Thomas. Zealous efforts are to make Pattnam a satellite site of Keezhadi. R Sivananthan, deputy director, Tamil Nadu state department of archaeology, officially facilitated a lecture on Pattanam by its excavator P J Cherian at Chennai. Cherian claimed that the excavated material from Pattanam and Keezhadi are similar and hence there is a brotherhood ( Pattanam, Keezhadi excavated material similar, says expert Deccan Chronicle, Oct.31,2018)”
Keezhadi pro-Dravidian excavator K Amarnath Ramakrishna’s links with Jasper Raj can’t be overlooked. The enthusiasm shown by Amarnath Ramakrishna in supporting Gaspar Raj, Kanimozhi is suspicious.
Throwing further light Harishankar said “NGOs in Tamil Nadu have direct access to excavated artefacts. PJ Cherian runs an NGO named PAMA, and through its new project, “Rediscovering the ancient sites in Tamilakam’, he links Pattabnam, Keezhadi and Kodumanal sites in Kerala and Tamil Nadu. He claims he “had an on-hand documentation of excavated materials from many archaeological sites under the custody of Tamil Nadu archaeology department” (Do ancient Tamilakam sites deserve rediscovery, The Times of India Nov.30, 2018). Gaspar Raj’s NGO, Tamil Maiyam, which included Catholic priests such Lourdu Anadam and Vincent Chinnadurai, filed a PIL demanding that Keezhadi artefacts should not be transferred to Karnataka for study. Such demands show that these NGOs have, or find ways to have direct access to excavated artefacts from these sites to manipulate them conveniently to determine the past. NGOs operating out of Tamil Nadu received the maximum foreign funding of about Rs.547 crore in 2013-14 according to the Ministry of Home Affairs (TN NGOs received maximum foreign funds in 2013-14) . In April 2018 , the Federation of Tamil Sangams in North America (FeTNA) invited Amarnath Ramakrishna to deliver a lecture on Keezhadi excavation. The ASI denied him permission, possibly because FeTNA publicly supported the cause of ethnic Sri Lankan Tamils in the Sri Lankan civil war.”
Dr Shankar quoted Dr Surbamanian Swamy’s Sept 9, 2013 tweet that the FBI wants India to hand over Rev. Gaspar Raj, a LTTE agent in arms smuggling. But he is a friend of PC, BC, and TDK. Hence protected”. Catholic priest Father Gaspar Raj is the founder of the Tamil Maiyam, an NGO. Kanimozhi and Raj jointly organised the “Chennai Sangamam” ( folklore cultural extravaganza) in Chennai which has drawn flak for its Tamil Tiger links. Kanimozhi and Gaspar Raj were the first to reach Keezhadi when it was made public that they had come across startling proofs.
An internationally acclaimed expert who is privy to the excavation and whose Bailiwick is archaeology told your reporter on condition of anonymity that a senior IAS officer T Udhayachandran, who ensured his posting in the archeology department, is the brain behind the Keezhadi excavations.
The sources said Udhayachandran, a suspected crypto-Christian, is interested in Dravidian ideologies, had hand in glove with left writer and MP Su.Venkatesan, Kani Mozhi, Jagath Gaspar Raj, Chennai based NGO ‘Sharma heritage’ headed by Shanti Pappu , P J Cherian connected with NGO ‘PAMA’ and Tamil Desiyam groups to manipulate history. Udayachandran, who pretended his love for archeology, readily accepted the latest technique devised by a group of experts. He directed all future excavations to be based on the new technique which tells exactly at what depth, area to be dug to see the hidden treasures. “They are not interested in hidden history but the gold buried there. The news about some found gold by chance had reached the politicians” said a local source. These sources also said in Kolar the probable gold realization is 10 gram per ton earth excavated but in Keezhadi it is 450 ppm which is far better than international norms. In Keezhadi gold manufacturing units were found. The people had manufacturing facilities, dyeing units, smelter, jewellery units, composite manure pits, and produced multi coloured glass beads. There is clear evidence for Sastha [ Veebuthi ( sacred ash) on his forehead] with his consorts. Statues of Jain monks ( 1400-1800 years), Nandhi with horns were found. They did not dig fully to avoid such evidence to prove rich Hindu heritage” .
Paul H Jeyasingh, Bengaluru in compilation titled “The ancient Roman Connections with Tamil Nadu (Also Vaigai valley civilization, Sangam Era etc) claims there was enough evidence to prove a trade link with Roman empire.” This would prove there was a systematic approach to manipulate the history.
Senior archaeologist Harishankar has accused the Archaeological Survey of India’s (ASI) excavation at Keezadi is with ulterior motives and produce history by hook or crook. Former CM Karunanidhi’s daughter and Thoothukudi MP Kanimozhi has been accused of trying to manipulate and meddle with the excavation.
In the meanwhile, Indu Makkal Katchi president Arjun Sampath has submitted a memorandum ‘Keezhadi Excavations: Weapon for Dravidian Secessionism’ to Subramanian Swamy.
Narrating the emerging global controversies on Keezhadi, he said, “On October 2019, Tamil Nadu State Minister for Tamil Language and Culture, K Pandiarajan, termed the Keezhadi’s heritage “Bharatham’s civilization”. His remark was virulently opposed by Madurai Central DMK MLA PTR Palanivel Thiagarajan who asked how the findings dating back 2600 years could be representative of nationhood formed just 70 years ago and will never accept the idea of India (Keezhadi excavations open age-old debate of Aryans vs Dravidians (The New Indian Express, Oct., 27, 2019). Thiagarajan S observations are associated with Father Gasper Raj accused by the FBI, who patronizes Keezhadi’.
“It was reported in Frontline that “On September 24, 2016, Father Jagath Gaspar Raj visited Keezhadi along with Kanimozhi. Amarnath Ramakrishna took them around and showed them the trenches”. (Keezhadi treasures caught in a swirl by T.S. Subramanian, Frontline, Jan.20,2017). The trio charted out the program.”
Arjuna Sampath said “Keezhadi’s patriarch, Fr. Gaspar Raj is officially referred to in US crime records as ‘Gaspar Raj Maria Paulian’. Senior national security strategist, Douglas C. Lovelace Jr., Esq., in Terrorism Documents of International and Local Control, Academic, OUP, Vol. 91 (2008) alleged that between 2003 and August 2006, individuals including Gaspar Raj Maria Paulian, Nachimuthu Socrates, Fnu Lnu, and Vijaya shanthar Patpanathan were “involved in multiple criminal activities in support of LTTE, a Sri Lankan group designated by the US state department as a Foreign Terrorist Organization”.
DMK’s Kanimozhi and Chris
DMK’s Kanimozhi and Christian Pastor Gasper Raj who has connections with LTTE are accused of undue interference in the Keezhadi excavations
Explaining further he said “Domestic Security and Intelligence analyst, Siobhan O’ Neil, in Terrorist Precursor Crimes: Issues and Options for Congress (2007) pointed out Gaspar Raj’s LTTE connections. Neil stated that Gaspar Raj Maria Paulian along with others such as Nachimuthu Socrates “have conspired to remove LTTE from the US state department’s Foreign Terrorist Organization list”. Similar charges were made by James J. Tareco, Special Agent of FBI, against Gaspar Raj, Nachimuthu Socrates and others, in 2006, at the United States District Court, Eastern District of New York”.
“Gaspar Raj was also actively associated with S.P. Udayakumar, Coordinator of the People’s Movement against Nuclear Energy (PMANE), who led protests against the commissioning of the Indo-Russian Nuclear Power Plant at Kudankulam,” he pointed out.
Arjun Sampath said “Gaspar Raj keeps close ties with Keezhadi excavator K. Amarnath Ramakrishna. This archaeological-criminal nexus with separatists abroad, unheard of in the history of Indian archaeology, needs investigation by central government agencies”.
“We accuse that the Advisory Committee of ASI has influential persons such as Prof. K.Rajan of Tamil University, Thanjavur who helps the Keezhadi episode. The ASI has recently granted license to P.J.Cherian’s NGO PAMA to excavate Mathilakam in Kerala under its Ancient Tamilakam Project. Professor Istvan Perczel of Central European University controlled by multimillionaire leftist George Soros, is associated with this project. When Amarnath Ramakrishna was transferred to Guwahati circle of ASI, Left parties, grateful to Amarnath Ramakrishna for salvaging the scandalous Pattanam excavations in Kerala, protested. Currently, the Tamil Nadu State department is conducting Keezhadi excavations”
The memorandum said the “ 10th World Tamil Conference, mainly sponsored by FeTNA, was held in July 2019 at Chicago. Its central theme was “Keezhadi nam Thai madi” (On our Tamil mother’s lap - Keezhadi excavation), dedicated to Tamil scholar Rev. G.U. Pope on his 200th birth anniversary (10th edition of World Tamil Conference in Chicago from July 4, The New Indian Express, June 26, 2019). Bishop Robert Caldwell launched the Dravidian ideology in Tamil Nadu. Caldwell was assisted in his Dravidian studies by an array of missionaries such as G.U. Pope, J. Brigel, J. Clay, J. Dawson, E. Diez, F. Kittel, F. Metz, A. Graeter, C. Graul, and H. Gundert”.
Arjun Sampath has requested Subrmanian Swamy to do the needful in Keezhadi before it is jointly used as a weapon for secession by Dravidian outfits, Church and left parties.
Arjun Sampath told Organiser that the Sangam literature is the source of evidence of the civilization and culture of Sangakala Tamilnadu. Archaeological excavations at more than forty places including Arikamedu, Adivhanallur, Alangankulam, Kodunamal, Pukar, Korkai, Tondi, Tirukoilur and Perur, gives us ample evidence other than literature. Excavations at the keezhadi of Vaigai River and its adjoining places have uncovered more than 7,000 archaeological findings”. He said “houses built of burnt bricks, casing walls and terracotta sewer pipes reveal the urban civilization planning. Dhayam toys, earrings worn by women, accessories including bracelets, needles, plates, weaving tools, grindstones, earthenware, pottery, sporting goods, human and animal figurines have been found”.
“Atan, Kurian and the brahmi script line patterns on the pottery lines found in the pile prove that Tamilnadu was literate 2600 years ago. The Sangam period is estimated around 3rd B.C to 1st century A.D. But the keezhadi excavations reveal that it is around 6th century B.C old. The government has decided to conduct excavations for 5 years more. keezhadi as the contemporary civilization of the Indus valley civilization.” he stated.
Arjun Sampath recalled that “after independence, western Christian historians and left wing communist-minded historians began to distort the true history of bharat . They branded our traditional knowledge in the name of innovation civilization by branding the traditional medicine, agricultural methods, lifestyles and family system of the Tamils as nonsense and reactionary. Currently, their internal work in Keezhadi has begun now. PAMA, an NGO based in Kerala, has launched a PROJECT program in Tamilnadu. The Kerala left government has given permission to PJ Serian to carry out excavations in an area called Pattanam. The excavations done in Keezhadi will reveal our tradition and history. The central and state government including the archaeological department should be very alert in this matter".
On twitter, Indu Makkal Katchi said,” What’s common between Keezhadi, Pattanam and Vangchhia? These are three places where ASI has relinquished authority to research, excavate and maintain archaeological sites to parochial state agencies. DMK’s convicted criminal Kanimozhi is facilitating access to the church with priest Gaspar Raj while preventing ASI’s access to the site. Are they removing artifacts that do not fit the “Dravidian” ideology of being distinct from “Hindu Civilization"?.
Arjuan Sampapth made it categorical that ‘another Kashmir-like exodus shall not be allowed in Tamil Nadu.