Cowardly Maoist terrorists kill unarmed constable in Chhattisgarh in the most brutal way, showcasing the barbaric nature of Left-Maoist terrorism

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Chhattisgarh  Constable M
The police constable was first hit with arrows and again attacked with a machete and an ax.
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While the meeting of top Maoist and Naxal terrorists in Bastar is still in news , a young constable has been brutally murdered by Maoist terrorists in Dhur area of Chhattisgarh. The way the constable was inhumanely killed with arrows show the true nature of the Left-Maoist terrorism.  If the image of the young child sitting on the body of his grandfather in Kashmir murdered by Islamic militants showed the truth of Pakistan-funded Jihadi terror, the image of the constable killed in Chhattisgarh defines Left-Maoist terrorism.
On July 1st, a a police assistant constable was brutally murdered by over 5 dozen Maoists in Dhur area in ​​Bastar division of Chhattisgarh. The region is a hotbed of Maoist terrorism. The constable was a resident of Matwara, a village in Bijapur and had come to his house on medical leave.
Learning of his arrival, the Maoist cowards came to his house and mercilessly dragged him out in front of his parents. He was first attacked and wounded with arrows. He was hit with 6 arrows on different parts of his body. They kept on attacking him even when his mother tried to intervene to save the jawan. The Maoists did not even spare his mother and killed her too for trying to save her son.
After fatally injuring him with arrows, the constable was again attacked with a machete and ax. The Maoists who came in large numbers had come armed with guns and bullets too.
The District Superintendent of Police confirmed the incident and said that a police team reached the spot immediately as soon as they received the information. The police have informed that a search party has been pressed into service to lookout for the Maoist terrorists in the forests nearby.
Local people have said that the Maoist coward killed the constable as he had chosen to join the police force in order to serve and protect his country, state and society. The Congress government in Chhattisgarh has been accused of not doing enough to tackle the Maoist menace and many have even alleged many leaders of the government to by Naxal and Maoist sympathisers.