Chapter on Islamist king Tipu Sultan removed from Class 7 syllabus in Karnataka, to reduce syllabus for the academic year

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Content on many topics and personalities like Hyder Ali, Jesus, Prophet Muhammad have been removed from different Classes from 1 to 10 to reduce the burden on students due to the trucated academic year.
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The Karnataka Text Book Society (KTBS) and DSERT have decided to drop Chapter on Tipu Sultan in the Class 7 syllabus this academic year to reduce the burden on students as the classes have already been delayed due to lockdown. Apart from Class 7, several chapters on many topics and personalities have been reduced from Classes 1 to 10. The KTBS and DSERT have said that this measure will be applicable for this year only. The Karnataka government and the Textbook committee have denied any role in this.
The KTBS has reduced the syllabus upto 30% in all the classes from 1 to 10. Effectively, Chapter on Islamist ruler Tipu Sultan for Class 7, portions on Jesus, Prophet Muhammad, Hyder Ali and other chapters which are repeated in other standards have been removed for this academic year.
This measure was taken by KTBS keeping in mind them reduced number of days for this academic year which stands at 120 days instead of regular 220 days every year, that too if the classes begin from September 1.
Addressing the media yesterday, Karnataka Text Book Society Director Madde Gowda told "The chapter on Tipu Sultan for Class 7 has been dropped to reduce the syllabus by 30 per cent for this academic year due to delay in reopening of schools due to no let-up in coronavirus spread". He also said that the chapter on Tipu Sultan titled 'Tiger of Mysore' have been retained for Classes 6 and 10.
Madde Gowda clarified that they have not removed the study matter on Tipu Sultan or Hyder Ali or any other personalities in the syllabus permanently and these changes were made by subject experts on priority, as the academic year has been reduced drastically, he said.
Supporters of BJP had demanded that chapters on Tipu Sultan be removed from state school syllabus given the nature of his atrocities he committed on Hindus when he reigned. As expected, the Congress and Communists have taken objection to the move from KTBS and has called it an assault on 'Secularism' and said that the chapters have to be taught as earlier.