TN government appeases Christians - Thoothukudi DC and SP attend press conference by Roman Catholic Bishop announcing Panimaya Madha Church’s annual fest, providing official sanction to a private affair

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District Collector Sandeep Nanduri and Superitendent of Police Jayakumar attended the media conference addressed by a Roman Catholic Bishop to announce the Thoothukudi Panimaya Madha church’s annual fest on July 23
AIADMK government like its Dravidian political counterpart DMK, is doing everything possible to woo the minority votes. This is evident from the Thoothukudi Pani Maya Matha Church festival press briefing.
In a clear violation of protocol, District collector Sandeep Nanduri and Superitendent of Police Jayakumar attended a media conference addressed by a Roman Catholic Bishop on July 23. It was to announce the Thoothukudi Panimaya Madha church’s annual fest. Flanked by this two government officials, the Bishop Stephan said “the famous annual 12 day fest at the Pani Maya Madha Church which attracts Christians from Sri Lanka, Singapore, Malaysia and other countries would not be allowed this year due to corona pandemic. He appealed to the church followers not to attend the fest. The festival has been conducted for the past 438 years. He said the festival that begins from 26th July would conclude on 5th August with restrictions. The bishop said there would be no regular flag hoisting, special prayers and community feast”. District collector has appealed to people not to throng the festival even if lock down relaxation norms were in force.
Hindu Makkal Katchi General Secretary Vasanth Kumar questioned the presence of District collector and District Police Superintendent Jayakumar at a private entity’s festival announcement at a media conference. Talking to this correspondent he said “It is not an HR and CE unit. Both the government officials have clearly flouted the protocol norms. What guarantee that devotees would not come in large numbers? We have witnessed during Ramzan month how thousands gathered before mosques to get quota of gruel and on Ramzan day to perform namaz. There were instances of prayers in churches and marriages during lockdown. But the Hindu temple priests were badly treated and some were even arrested by the police. These incidents raises questions whether Hindu have reduced minority or lost their respect and bargaining power. These are clear and blatant minority appeasement policies. If they allow Pani Maya Madha festival with restrictions, we will press for Kulasai Kovil Kodai festival too’, he said
Senior journalist Sriram said the presence of both District collector and SP gave the signal that they are the agents of the church administration. “It has once again proved that district administration is under the control of the Churches in the Thoothukudi” said state secretary of Hindu Munnani K Kutralanathan. “Whether they would give the same respect to our poojaris (priests) while he briefs the Media?”, he questions. He said the government has not learnt lesson that excessive pampering which is an impending sign of doom.
Stepping up their ante against DMK and DK, Hindu Makkal Katchi took out a rally demanding ban on DK, confiscation of its properties, arrest of its leader Veeramani, and removal Periyar statues. They also burnt black shirts, an identity of Periyar followers. Social commentator Maridhas too demanded removal of Periyar statues, which were installed using tax payers’ money, in front of famous temples.
TN CM Edapadi K Palaniswamy, who never condemns anyone who criticises Hindus or their beliefs, has issued a statement that desecration of MGR’s statue in Puducherry which was found draped with a saffron shawl has hurt him. “Tamil race will not accept any move to disintegrate for the vote bank politics adopted by some” he warned.
When the Covid19 pandemic in TN was linked to Tablighi Jamaat, the AIADMK regime started using ‘single source’ to refer to the Tablighi Markhaz in Delhi. It was done to satisfy the Muslims who protested over using their community's name. But the same government had no qualms in making public the details of the Hindu Covid19 patients. “The medical treatment and other facilities for majority community patients were not at par with single source” it is alleged.
Citing Corona, Madurai Meenakshi Amman Temple annual festival, Nellaiappar Car festival, Srivilliputhur Andal Festival and others were allowed without the participation of devotees and sponsors. Another important Kulasasekara pattinam Mutharaamman Adi Kodai festival has also been cancelled due to Corona. These are HR and CE controlled temples. There was nothing wrong if it informs the public through government notifications.