Tribute to Galwan valley martyrs: Apartment in Bengaluru names corridor after Col Santhosh Babu

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- VSK Karnataka

Tribute to Galwan valley  
In a unique tribute to the martyrdom of 20 soldiers in the Galwan Valley clash with occupationist forces of China, residents of Palm Haven apartment complex in the city have named a corridor in their premises after Col Santhosh Babu Corridor.
Residents of Palm Haven under the leadership of Ajith Shetty Heranje planned to pay their tributes to the bravehearts who fought to safeguard our borders. As part of this, they put up a 70 ft wide banner with pictures of the soldiers who were martyred in the Galwan clash. The corridor in the apartment has been named as Col Santhosh Babu Corridor as part of their tribute.
Colonel Bikkumalla Santosh Babu was an officer in the Indian Army and the commanding officer of 16 Bihar Regiment. He made the supreme sacrifice in Galwan Valley on 15 Jun 2020 while combating the occupationist Chinese PLA troops. It has been told that such a banner inside an apartment complex is the first of its kind anywhere in the country which serves the noble cause of remembering the soldiers guarding our borders.

Tribute to Galwan valley  
Ajith Shetty Herenje said that the remembrance of the martyrs and soldiers is getting restricted to special days in the calendar and the same does not qualify to be a healthy sign. We ought to remember our soldiers at all times as it is their dedication and perseverance on the borders which keeps us safe from enemies. Naming the corridor in the apartment after a true hero will remind the residents of his sacrifice and everyone will remember our soldiers safeguarding us daily, he said.

Tribute to Galwan valley