Hindus of Tamil Nadu see through DMK's game plan to woo them for polls; Karuppar Kottam controversy exposes their Hindu hatred

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The DMK and its leaders who remained silent over the Hinduphobic content appearing on Karuppar Koottam channel all these years, are now trying to disassociate themselves from the same due to the fear of a Hindu backlash during the 2021 assembly polls.

 Karuppar Koottam DMK _1& 
Rabid anti-Hindu journalist Surendran of Karuppar Koottam had campaigned for the DMK, though he has denied links with the party. He has been arrested by the TN police
The DMK’s time tested game plan of diverting issues when pushed to corner has miserably failed as Hindus for the first time have revolted and rallied against it in the Karuppar Kottam issue.
In Tamil Nadu, Periyar’s Dravidar Kazhagam and its offshoot DMK have been in the habit of criticizing Hindus and their culture, customs, gods, spiritual beliefs. People of the state are used to it by taking it lightly. The Dravidian movement started during the British period by the Justice Party and later by its offshoots Dravidar Kazhagam. DMK is espousing rhetoric of anti-Sanskrit, Hindu, anti-north anti Brahmins. The DMK has transformed into an anti-Brahmin, anti-Hindu, anti-Hindi, anti-Sanskrit, anti-North, depending on political needs of the day. These are its main planks to divide people and garner votes. Over the years it has got other dimensions as well.
People’s silence was mistaken as acceptance by these self-proclaimed rationalist groups in stepping up their attacks on Hinduism more particularly against hapless Brahmins and Hindus.
Surendran Natarajan(34) alias ‘Nathikan’ (atheist) of Karuppar Kootam who claims to be a journalist , posted series of videos in ‘you tube’ channel of ‘Karuppar Kootam’ denigrating Lord Siva, Saraswati, Lord Muruga and others. The latest one that set off public condemnation was against his obscene comments on Kandha Sashti Kavacham. It was sung by one sage Bala Devarayar, praying Lord Muruga to protect him and people with his various types of sphere ( Vel) from all kinds of diseases from Head to toe and ward off evil, bad spirits, snake and insect bites. Surendran’s comments were not liked by many as most of them are devotees of Lord Muruga. He mistook it that the miniscule Brahmin community, who only recites them ,will not react to his videos. Now all caste people have vented their strongest denunciation against him.
Meanwhile, Surender alias Surender Kumar, also known as’ Varma Cartoonis’ posted in his Face Book page and Twitter handle on 12th that some people belonging to Islam are behind Karuppar Kootam channel which is posting videos against Hindu gods and goddesses. He called upon the Muslim outfits to condemn these people and remove them from the Jamaat. “If this is not done in 24 hrs, I will post a cartoon against Muhammed Nabi” he warned. But before posting he was arrested by the police and filed a case against him. Ironically the police did nothing to stop the obscene videos that have been aired for a long time. “The Courts too do not find any merit in taking up suo moto cognizance of the issue. In Tamil Nadu police act only against Hindus” commented a Hindu Munnani cadre Sundar.
Surendran Natarajan, who was trying to get bail, moved to neighboring Puducherry (how this fugitive got an e-pass is a mystery) with a clean shave to hide his identity, surrendered before the police. TN police arrested him on 16th following complaints by BJP and Hindu outfits. Two more have been arrested in this case. BJP and Pattali Makkal Katchi are only two political parties which condemned highly third rate commentary on the Kanda Sashti Kavacham.
Surender has denied that he was a DMK member, but there are photos to prove that he had campaigned for DMK and received awards from Dravidar Kazhagam. Another was seen with a DMK IT wing functionary.
This is the first time the DMK had to accept the Hindu vote bank. After a series of posts in social media accusing it of being behind the Karuppar Koottam, it complained to the police stating that attempts were being made to project DMK as "against Hindus”. Earlier, it was taking ‘no Hindus but only Tamils stand’. For votes, they would stoop to any level that is different.
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The administrators and anchors of the anti-Hindu Youtube channel  Karuppar Koottam have been closely associated with the DMK and other Dravidian parties for a long time
Sr. journalist Kolahala Srinivas echoing the same many have spoken and written highlighting the need for a creation of a Hindu vote bank. Going further he said “ In a democratic country if you are to be looked upon or to get grievances addressed, you should have a strong vote bank. Why both Congress, BJP failed to have a huge chunk of vote bank in Tamil Nadu as they are national forces. In Tamil Nadu Hindu’s population share is 89 percent. But DMK was able to retain power several times” Srinivas recalled “In the last Lok Sabha election it won 38 seats. Its leaders openly said with the support of the Hindu votes they won in elections. Bi-polar politics is dominant in TN. After Congress and DMK, now it is being alternated between DMK and AIADMK. Till AIADMK founder MGR was alive , DMK could not taste power continuously for 13 years. AIADMK’s disintegration helped DMK to win in the 1989 election only to be dismissed in 1991 by the Centre”.
Karthik Gopinath of Lotus TV youtube channel said “we are missing the main point. He said when something explodes with a potential to destroy something, then diversionary methods would be unrolled. Citing examples, he said Maridhas and Kishore K swamy recently said most of the media in the state were being string pulled behind by particular ideological, anti-BJP and anti-Modi groups. “Karuppar Koottam is the lynch pin for DMK, DK, Communists and others which needed to be protected. With this they air videos on criticizing Hindu gods. Unknowingly they dig their own burial place. It is clear the way they facilitated Surendran to move Puducherry safely to surrender. Prime Minister K P Sharma Oli on July 13 claimed that Lord Ram was born in Thori in Southern Nepal asserting that they are king of Hinduism. At the same in Tamil Nadu a controversial video on Muruga was released. Some external forces, like China, Pakistan with the help of black sheep in TN, who do not want the unification of nationalists against China’s excursions at the border. Secondly, when people demanded to show the parent document ( Moola patra) for the Murasoli land deal with a panchami land, DMK indulged in diversionary tactics to divert people from it. Till today it has not shown the Moola patra”. “Surendran in the obscene video questions the broadcast of noisy Kanda Sasthi Kavacham in morning hours but he is happy with the azan from mosques. In TN people have felt their end for patience is over, he explained.
Elaborating further Karthik said “ DMK has launched’ come let’s get together movement’. Now it is high time Hindus followed it rigorously against DMK, DK and other anti -national forces. All these years the police have filed cases but never pursued to get punishments for the culprits. Police book people who indulge in illegal river sand removal under Goondas act. Why not the same law be slapped on such people? he questions. Also they should be booked for sedition under section 124. Courts should take it suo moto without waiting for people or police to move. If it hampers public order, courts can intervene on its own.”
Senior journalist Sengottai Sriram said “These are purely to divert the attention of the people from Maridhas’s exposure that 70 percent of News18 staff are from DK and communist cadres, illegal poaching of deer and eating meat bash by Udayanidhi Stalin and possession and use of illegal fire arm by Thiruporur DMK MLA, obscene video of sexual attack of DMK youth wing leader and alleged suicide of the victim Sasikala. DMK which took to streets the famous Pollachi sex scandal now kept silent.”. He said “ DMK and its allies failed in its attempts to prove Maridhas is threatening journalists and was an hindrance to free speech. Neither the journalists nor the parties named in the video denied charges. The continuous attack on Maridhas forced him to come out with more videos with supporting evidence. He said “ News18 reporter Hasiff Mohammed while working in News 18, heading the Karuppar Kootam youtube channel mounting a derogatory attack on Hindu gods. Hither to DMK was portrayed as an anti-Hindu religion and now it has transformed into Anti-Hindu. The controversial Kanda Sashti video has wounded sentiments of a large number of people cutting across caste. This time DMK failed to gauge the mood of the people. It has been at the receiving end ever since the death of his father. All its protests were fizzled out. DMK is in a predicament sticky situation”.
“DMK, DK, VCK, AIADMK, MDMK keep their mouth shut over offensive utterances of Surendran condemned when Periyar statue was smeared with saffron paint in Coimbatore. It showed their anti-Hindu mind set” he pointed out.
When DMK was launched, Periyar , who they claim was their mentor, told the cadres who were joining in it , “ Thieves, murderers, womanizers, pickpockets, minors (Romeos), prostitutes, cinema fans... you will have a field day. DMK calls you. Start immediately. Don’t think it is a political party. What you have been doing all these years individually, can be continued in DMK without fear. The founders of DMK were earlier doing these only”.
Late DMK chief Karunanidhi said while addressing a public meeting in2002 “ Do Hindus have a religion? Who is a Hindu? If you ask some right thinking people, they’ll say that Hindu actually means a thief”. The event was organised by minority outfits to protest against the anti-conversion ordinance of the then Jayalalithaa regime.
 Karuppar Koottam DMK _1&
Karuppar Koottam's anti-Hindu content thrived on YouTube for many years and the Dravidian parties did nothing  
Srinivas said “last year Stalin greeted Malayalis at the Onam festival. But did he ever greet people in TN on Diwali, Pongal, Vinayagar Chathurthi festivals? He and his late father never missed to greet the minorities on their festivals. Both DMK and AIADMK have tacit understanding not to allow third forces to dominate TN political terrain. If allowed one would be eliminated totally. He said “DMK has realized that a third force is emerging in the state and wants to avoid what has happened in Andhra Pradesh. With that it had decided to launch a ’ School for Dravidian studies’, as it fears Dravidian ideologies have been under pressure. If Hindus would become a strong vote bank, it is possible for a change in the state. Otherwise people will suffer”.
Writer M Venkatesan of BJP listed out the reason why DMK is anti-hindu . He recalled Karunanidhi's remark on questioning Lord Ram and in which engineering he studied to degree during the SethuSamudram project issue. “ When Kumkum on DMK MP Aadhi Sankar’s face ran down with sweat, Karunanidhi humiliated him by asking if it was blood. He allowed his wife or his family members to sport vermillion and visit temples. He even said cadres who have faith in gods but he would not allow them to participate in fire walking rituals. An MLA asked in the state Assembly on 29th December 1996, “Would government consider giving free power to temples? Karunanidhi replied “there was an aura behind god”. Why should he need free power? When Stalin was projected as Karunanidhi’s political heir for more than a decade, Karunanidhi was silent on making an official announcement. When asked he replied that DMK is not Kanchi Sankara Mutt and the party’s general and executive committee would decide on the party leadership” he recalled. But he anointed Stalin despite his eldest son M K Azhagiri’s claim.
Continuing further Venkatesan said “Hindus even would smear kumkum on milestones on roads and start praying by calling Milesamy, furlong samy. His scion Stalin commented ‘badly about the Hindu’s marriage rituals. He said” smoke from the havan makes not only the bride and groom ‘cry a little’ but also those present there. Sanskrit Mantras cannot be understood by anyone including the purohit and it’s inner meaning is ‘disgusting’.` Kanimozhi commented if the Tirupathi god was powerful , why he needed security in the temple hundial”.
Youtuber Maridhas in a video , basis for the DMK’s present predicament, said “DMK is getting full support from missionaries like Ezra Sargunam, Mohan E lazarus and Jagath Gasper whose main avocation is conversion. During the DMK rule, these evangelical outfits received 15,000 crore from abroad. Between 2006-2011, 8,000 to 12,000 churches were built when Karunanidhi was Chief Minister. That is why they prefer DMK rule.” Maridhas found fault with DMK, for having installed Periyar status in front of big temples with taxpayer’s money. “ They did not do it in other places of worship. Is it secularism? “ he asks. Maridhas said that most of the journalists who work in News 18 are recommended by a “ forum of Media persons for change”. It is backed by ‘One Mind Generation Research’ which is directly run by DMK functionaries. “DMK and forum do not have the guts to deny my charges legally but portray me as against journalists. They instigated their allies to attack me by accusing me of attacking freedom of expression and journalists”. He said” these journalists spread fake ideologies and in the name of the media and no one should question them. Hindus who are neutral are made fools. Hasiff of News 18 is the head of the forum of media persons for change and also is the head of Karuppar Kootam, My aim is to save Media from DMK”.
Sr journalist Rangaraj Pande asked “What was Hindu Religious and Charitable Endowment department, its ministers doing when the Hindus were being continuously targeted? Can’t they file cases and fight against such elements? But they are only interested in its money. What prevents the HR and CE from filing defamation cases for denigrating gods and Hinduism”.
“VetriVel, Veeravel” hashtag initiated by Hindu Munnani was trending over 2.5 lakhs at the time of writing , while Jai Periyar was trailing with below 1 lakh. Never mind jai is a Sanskrit word. Are we witnessing a Hindu reawakening?