Congress leader close to Rahul Gandhi blames BJP for Kashmir Pandit exodus; Gets schooled by Kashmiri Pandits on their suffering

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Congress leader from Kashmir Salman Nizami who is known to be close to Rahul Gandhi has been caught for his anti-India and pro-Pakistan tweets on several occasions. This time he went a step further to toe the Pakistani line and blamed the BJP for the tragic and painful exodus of Kashmiri Pandits from the valley in 1990.
On July 21, Salman Nizami tweeted "Exodus of Kashmiri Pandits was BJP's game plan - to polarise India. The community was made a scapegoat. BJP was in alliance with VP Singh Govt. The main characters were played by Advani, Vajpaee, Mufti & Jagmohan. This is harsh reality!".
Salman is close to Rahul Gandhi and was reportedly appointed as the Joint Secretary of the J&K Pradesh Congress Committee in 2014 at his behest. He had even campainged for the Congress in Gujarat in 2017.  His anti-India views were known for many years but he continued to be honoured by the Congress reportedly with the backing of Rahul Gandhi.
Gets schooled by Kashmiri Pandits
Responding to his anti-India tweet, several Kashmiri Pandits educated him on the reality of the exodus and the terror they had to face from the Pak-backed Islamists in Kashmir. Rajiv Pandit, a surgeon in response to Salman's poisonous tweet wrote "I’m a Kashmiri Pandit. My relatives were murdered, survived assasination attempts, & fled when they heard thousands chanting slogans like “Kashmir mai agar rehna hai, Allah ho Akbar kehna hai.” No that wasn’t the BJP, you fool. They were terrorists fighting Pakistan’s proxy war."
Another Pandit wrote "Exodus of Kashmiri Pandits was islamofascist game plan - to start islamic rule in Kashmir. The community was made a scapegoat. Islamofascist forces was in alliance with Pakistani establishments & JKNC, INC.The main characters were played by Mufti, Abdullah, Rajiv G & Hurriat gang"
Journalist and anchor Aditya Raj Kaul replied "Exodus of Kashmiri Pandits was an Islamist terror conspiracy. Repeat. Exodus of Kashmiri Pandits was an Islamist terror conspiracy. No amount of desperate whitewashing by Congress, Islamists or Communists would ever change that truth. Remember that always."
History of Anti-India views
This is not the first time that Congress leader Salman Nizami has been caught peddling anti-India and pro-Pak narrative. In 2017, he was exposed for his anti-India tweets.

Salman Nizami RG_1 & 
Salman had repeatedly glorified terrorist Afzal Guru.

Salman Nizami RG_1 & 
He had also given death threats to BJP leaders.

Salman Nizami RG_1 & 
It needs to be seen if Rahul Gandhi and the Congress disown Salman for these anti-India tweets or continue to honour him as earlier.