Hinduphobic journo of Left online rag The Wire colluded with Tahir Hussain to play the victim card in Delhi anti-Hindu riots, alleges news portal

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Arfa Khanum Tahir Hussain
The online news portal Kreately.in has alleged that Arfa Khanum, who works with the Wire as Senior Editor, not only helped Tahir Hussain in hiding from Police but also reached out to many mainstream media channels and pleaded them to interview Tahir Hussain before his arrest. Former AAP Councilor Tahir Hussain is behind bars for masterminding the Delhi Anti-Hindu riots and for planning the targeted killings of many Hindus during the riots.
The Kreately.in report says that Arfa Khanum helped Tahir Hussain when he was hiding from police after murdering IB officer Ankit Sharma. Ankit Sharma's brutal murder by repeated stabbing had sent shockwaves across the nation. It was Arfa Khanum who recorded Tahir Hussain’s video statement that was subsequently released to media, alleges the news report.
It further says that Arfa Khanum arranged the interview inside a mosque in Jamia area before which she also trained 'Tahir Hussain on how to answer media questions and how to play victim card'.
"Arfa Khanum was in touch with the murderer of Ankit Sharma when the killings started by Khalid Saifi and Tahir Hussain. Ever wondered who was helping Tahir Hussain, Islamic terrorist after he murdered IB officer Ankit Sharma? Who provided him shelter and who arranged his interview to media just before he was arrested by Delhi Police?", reads the report.
It further alleges that 'Arfa Khanum Sherwani, a journalist from The Wire, reached out to her friends in many National mainstream media channels and pleaded to them to carry out an interview of Tahir Hussain when Tahir hussain was hiding from Police after killing IB officer Ankit Sharma'.
Kreately.in report says that the Wire Senior Editor Arfa Khanum had prepared a plan for Tahir Hussain in which Tahir Hussain would give exclusive interviews to media and then surrender in court. "Delhi Police failed this plan by arresting Tahir Hussain while he was on his way to the court. Though Tahir Hussain’s lawyers were already there in the court with a surrender application", it says.
Tahir Hussain has confessed before the police on his role in Delhi anti-Hindu riots where he helped the rioters in collecting fire arms and bombs weeks before the Riots. He has also been found guilty of allowing the Muslim youth to use his roof top to attack on Hindus and to burn Hindu shops during Delhi riots. Both Tahir Hussain and his brother are now in the custody of Delhi Police.