Renowned script writers, journalists and critics decry increasing Hinduphobia and anti-Bharatiya content in Cinema and Web series

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The participants of the webinar were unanimous in their opinion that the lobby which is creating content to hurt Hindu sentiments should be toppled and their plans to mislead and pollute our art and culture should not be allowed to succeed.

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Renowned story writers, script writers, journalists and critics were part of a webinar on 'Increasing Hinduphobia and anti-Bharatiya content in Cinema and Web series' organised by Bharatiya Chitra Sadhana and Vishwas Samvad Kendra on June 28 in New Delhi. Dilip Shukla (Story and Dialogue Writer), Anant Vijay (Associate Editor, Dainik Jagran), Film Critic and Journalist Vishnu Sharma were part of the webinar. Atul Gangwar (writer and director) moderated the discussion.
Dilip Shukla who has written dialogues for Dabangg series, Damini, Ghayal, said that "I have written in films like Damini, Ghayal. The aim was to make a good film and depict what is happening in our society. Dialogues are to convey a good topic. I did not write anything that is unethical in my films and also did not write any content which is not in the soceity or anything which people felt was misplaced. I will never write anything that will hurt our social and moral values.". He said that Web Series are created by producers who do not mind about any values. I do not support anything that is not in the benefit of the society, he said.
He said that in inappropriate content are shown in web series and cinema. People should come forward with suggestions on how to prevent this and how to control the vulgarity in web series. This is also happening as those who write good stories and plot are not getting enough support and this is create financial problems for them. They are then forced to write for spicy web series which lack in values.
Film critic and writer Vishnu Sharma said that, "Web series does not only include vulgarity but pursue and agenda to target Indian values. Even a single dialogue can represent the confusion in the entire film but can have a huge impact on the common man. A dialogue in the web series 'Family Man' tries to convey that Tamil is older than Sanskrit and this falsity creates a confusion in the minds of people who watch. Indian ethos are targeted by naming characters and web series after Hindu gods and goddesses. They also hurt Hindu traditions knowingly. When the web series 'Krishna Lila' was opposed, those who support it asked why is it wrong when we we portray it when Krishna himself indulged in Leela.
Curbing the spread of indecency and obscenity 

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Dilip Shukla said that obscenity is shown intentionally. Those who indulge in obscenity should be boycotted so that they do not have the courage to commit such a mistake in the future. If a small series or producers try to portray a particular religion or sect in a wrong way, then action should be taken against them as those from these small banners can be easily stopped. However, it is difficult to stop people from big production houses who make movies like "Kaala" spending crores and feature mega stars. But we need to think on how to prevent these people from depicting anything wrong.
He further said that a strategy should be made where the audience themselves stand up to objectionable content or call out a lobby that is conspiring to hurt Sanatan Hindu culture. These days, no film or web series depict a Muslim character in poor light. However, only Hindu characters are shown in a negative manner. This is completely intentional, he said. This has to be curbed and governments too have to take appropriate action. A monitoring mechanism for web series should be created which will screen the content. Legal remedies are also necessary to control bad content in web series.
Anant Vijay, National Award Winner for Film Review and Associate Editor of Dainik Jagran, said that "Despite necessary laws being already in place, such content is being created. Just as anti-National content cannot be shown under Section 1860 of IPC, web series can be regulated under Section 124. There are many laws in India, through which one can regulate the OTT content. Unlawful words, content, visuals, statements can be stopped under this law. Section 67 of Unlawful Activities Act applies to Web series too. Section 39 of this act prohibits objectionable spoken words and action. However, the biggest tool to curb them is the IT Act which prevents obscene and religiously hurtful content from being aired.
Most speakers opined that a mechanism has to be created to monitor web series and for this thinkers, writers, journalists must come forward and make a policy. Writers and producers who create hurtful content must be monitored. They said that it is due to the absence of any kind of law regulating web series, scenes which are openly hateful and obscene are shown. Dirty and obscene content is served which is misleading our youth. Indian traditions are targeted in web series like Patalalok, where scenes and content that defame and tarnish Sanatan Hindu ethos and criminalize Hindu values ​​are shown. Not only this, our army and their families, which have served the nation are also portrayed in a derogatory manner.
The participants were unanimous in their opinion to curb such web series and films that hurt Hindu culture. The lobby which is running the agenda to hurt Hindu sentiments, divide the society in the name of caste, religion and create hatred in the minds of people should be toppled. It is hightime that such content is stopped and their plans to mislead and pollute our art and culture should not be allowed to succeed they concluded.