Get ready to say goodbye to world: ISIS issues threat to nationalist news channel Janam TV

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New Delhi: Global Islamist terrorist group ISIS has issued a direct threat to Janam TV, Kerala’s nationalist news channel. In a message posted on the Instagram channel controlled by the Kerala unit of ISIS, the terrorist organisation threatened that it would destroy all the offices of Janam TV and exterminate all its employees.
In the wake of the threat message, state police chief Loknath Behra has instructed the police administration to ensure tight security to the offices of the Janam TV.
The message titled "Mujahideen’s Message to Janam TV" warns the employees of Janam to get ready to say goodbye to this world. “We invite you to convert to Islam or else get ready to say goodbye to the world and face the God’s wrath and punishment,” the message reads.
As per the latest BARC (Broadcast Audience Research Council India) report, Janam TV made a strident rise in the rating, becoming one of the top five Malayalam news channels. Janam TV, as the name suggests, is a people’s initiative to promote people-oriented journalism in Kerala, where the far-left media rule the roost.