US Racial Unrest: Darker Than it Seems

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US President Trump really need to examine the riots following George Floyd killing beyond racial angle

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Rioters burning public properties and looting shops in the name of ‘Black Lives Matter’ protest
American history started with the intrusion of the Europeans into the trans-Pacific Ocean. They came, conquered the natives, killed those who opposed them; hence the Red Indians are in the archives now. Expansion of land is common but when you have a gun in one hand and the Bible on other, the destruction is fearsome because you are out to uproot the values of the people who have been living for thousands of years, to impose yours. It makes you fearful of the battle. When you are sick and down with hundreds of thousands of people are dying next to you, over 2 million on death beds and the entire world is fighting with the Corona pandemic how can a few among them think of getting out on the street in hoards to put the cities on fire. The incident which should be dealt with by the law of the land, is being fought out on the street.
It reminds me of the history of racism in the USA, The Ku Klux Kiddle (KKK) in 1924, ten children gathered for mass baptism by the local white supremacist group with an idea of ‘The Principles and Ideas of America”, but it actually meant upholding and spreading bigotry and violent suppression of those not white and protestants. The children thus christened were thousands in number and later participated in KKK and its sister organisations in the times of early 1920s. The only thing they are taught is to establish white and protestant church’s supremacy on America. The kids were so indoctrinated that they were ready to kill those who they thought not fit to be in the criteria of white & protestant, so the black Africans, native Red Indians and the Jamaicans became the targets. Thus a new abuse and discrimination started in America. A movie namely ‘Birth Of A Nation” in 1915 had given lots of fuel to this supposed purity of the white race & Protestant church.
The white Americans also were not native to America, but immigrants from different parts of Europe. They occupied places where there were resources in plenty and good cultivable land. One such place was Rosewood county in Florida had a 50:50 ratio of blacks and whites in the early 1900s, but as the Cedar tree used for making pencil decreased, the white moved out of the village and the only white family was the one that owned a grocery store. The white lady named Fannie Taylor started screaming one day of being abused and attempt of rape, all of a sudden. This led to the gathering of whites from neighbouring counties and they were accompanied by some 500 Ku Klux Klan members who were in the vicinity and this incident made the exodus of all the blacks from the Rosewood village. Such numerous events and stories have coloured entire American history, which is no older than 300 years.
The young American generation is a new form of Ku Klan Klux for Islamic extremist groups. They are mobilising college students of all faith to come on the street in the name of secularism and fake racism but are not ashamed of chanting Allah hu Akbar at the same time
On October 21, 1921, the then-president Warren Harding’s mentioned the black lynching in his election speech in Alabama, he also brought an anti-lynching bill in the Parliament and passed through the house of representative but died prematurely in the Senate. The USA could only make law for civil rights for blacks in 1964 by President Lynden Johnson.
US has a bad history of treating black people
The Naturalisation Act of 1790 paved the way for white citizens; those white men only could own property and vote in elections. This animosity has resulted in numerous civil wars between black and white supremacist groups which is prevalent even today. American society is still divided over the racial mindset and cannot come out of the dogma of being superior to the blacks. It took almost 220 years for any Afro-American when Barak Obama became the first African-American President in 2008 for two consecutive terms.
The current racial unrest in the US is the result of such a supremacist mindset only, where one black American lost his life to police brutality, this led to massive violence across America. It’s a civil war-like situation for President Trump who is seeking a second term.
Even though the very same America has given some of the greatest black leaders to the modern world, from George Washington to Martin Luther King jr, Colinda Rice, Barak Obama, Jesse Owens, Maya Angelo, Cassis Clay, Michel Johnson, Samuel Freeman, dangle Washington, Will Smith, Samuel Jackson, Halle Berry, Whoopi Goldberg, Michel Jordan, Williams sisters, Oprah Winfrey, Mike Tyson, Michel Jackson ... the list is long. All Americans gave them immense love and respect irrespective of colour or creed.
In Britain, each day, the whites are being targeted by the Islamist groups and fights in cities like London are a common sight. Entire Europe has seen the ruckus created by the Muslim refugees each day. In Pakistan and Bangladesh every year Hindus and Christians are persecuted, forcibly converted, women raped by majority Muslims. Still we haven’t seen any outrage against those atrocities because Hindu lives don’t matter to the Left-leaning intellectual militias of the world fed by the Saudi-based Islamic jihadist funds to pave the way for a so-called pseudo-secular society.
In the ongoing US unrest, people involved in arson and anarchy are not only blacks, not only African-Americans but one entire Leftist ideology groups helping the opposition in creating an atmosphere for the exit of President Donald Trump. The Islamist groups are working from behind the scenes, but apparently it looks like the Democrats have hijacked this movement. They want to capitalise on this opportunity in bringing down Donald Trump as a failure. That might be the short term goal, but long term goal is to establish their Caliphate in the USA. America’s young generation is a new form of Ku Klan Klux for Islamist groups. They are convincing & mobilising college/university going youngsters of all faith to come on the street in the name of secularism and fake racism but are not ashamed of chanting Allah hu Akbar at the same time which our youth is not able to understand.
Imagine when America and the world is facing the deadliest pandemic of all time, Corona has taken toll of more than 125K lives, and more than 2.5 million people are under treatment, how are these people protesting and rioting on the street in huge numbers? Recently in Britain, the worst-hit country, such groups also started mobilising people on the road to support the Black life matter protests. And don’t be surprised if soon it spreads across the globe because the eco-system has a wide and strong grip all over through media, intellectuals, educationalists and activist working on their payrolls.
There is something bigger than the political element in this outrage. How will it impact the USA? Just look at the figures below:
American naturalisation and immigration policies are quite stringent and they only give visas to highly-skilled brains from all over the world. The result is that the US today ruling over the world with the innovation & technology they are creating for them, India & China leading the charts of top-paid executives in the US. As Indians are peace-loving and do not wish to live in a turbulent society, on the other side, the Muslim community only believes in the disruption. Many Indian and other parents will avoid sending their children to the US for education fearing the riots and unrest, the USA hosts some of the best educational institutions in the world and a big chunk of the economy comes from this.
The population of Afro-Americans is just above 410 million or 12.3% of the US. The Protestants are a majority of 71% followed by 5% Catholics, 2% Jehovah, 18% constitute those considered unaffiliated and Hindus.
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Muslim mob burning the public properties during anti-CAA violent protests 
The pattern of protest and rioting is same as it was in India during anti-CAA movement in Delhi, people were seen and heard chanting Allah hu Akbar on the streets of America too, the petrol filled bottles used in arson-fire were present at both the places, bricks and stones were conmen too 
Two per cent of them are Muslims
If we take these two figures of 71% Protestants and 2% Muslims, here lies the sinister plots. The Islamist have hijacked this movement and want to establish among the blacks, ‘secular’ Americans that the white supremacist have ruled and exploited them for centuries and still discriminating against them, it will create a bigger rift, and then the Book will come into the picture. They have foreign funds from the Arabian Gulf countries meant for conversion; soon, America will see a huge wave of conversion to Islam.
The pattern of protest and rioting is the same as it was in India during anti-CAA movement in Delhi. People were seen and heard chanting Allah hu Akbar on the streets of America too, the petrol-filled bottles used in arson were present at both the places; bricks and stones were common too. This anti-CAA pogrom and ANTIFA-led riots in America has a lot in common. It has a combo of communist-Islamic radicals at the same place and too deadly as the Leftist commune has an established face as intellectuals with national, international awards in the kitty by abusing the system and fuelling rift between communities. With the so-called philanthropists like Rocker Feller Foundation, Ford Foundation, George Soros and now Bill Gates in the kitty, they have a strong support of Islamist Petro-Dollar rich Saudi billionaires, sultans and Sheikhs.
This whole scenario has with the emergence of pro-nationalist forces in all the countries with people reposing faith in the leadership of the likes of Donald Trump, Narendra Modi, Benjamin Netanyahu, Boris Johnson etc. That’s where the whole Leftist gang see their death. The Islamists have well received this occasion and doing every bit to dislodge nationalist governments by branding them as fascist. The entire black unrest pogrom is to topple Trump and establish a pro-liberal democrat government which will pave the way for an Islamic America which has been pronounced by many of their leaders worldwide.
The world knows that the USA is the best and safest country for any Black man or woman in the world. So Trump really needs to examine these riots beyond racial angle and eliminate such groups or individuals from the USA. I will not be surprised if such things occur in other parts of the world very soon.
(The writer is a research scholar)