#LongLiveDalaiLama campaign launched as a protest against illegal occupation of Tibet by China and its attempts to tarnish Dalai Lama's image

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LongLiveDalaiLama campaig
A worldwide social media campaign has been launched by freedom fighters of Tibet and followers of Dalai Lama against Communist China. The #LongLiveDalaiLama campaign is against China's efforts to legitimize the illegal occupation of Tibet since 1959. The campaign is also to protest against China's attempts to tarnish the image of Tibetan Buddhist and Spiritual leader Dalai Lama.
Social media users who are part of the campaign are also venting their anger against China for its attempts to dishonour the Tibetan holy institutions like Panchen Lama. A social media user expressing his anger wrote, "Let us defeat the Chinese efforts to legitimize the occupation of Tibet by destroying Buddhist institutions". Another campaigner on Twitter wrote, "We have seen China's attempts to dishonour holy institutions like Panchen Lama several times earlier. They will not succeed".
A Tibetan native residing in US wrote, "Today China is trying to discredit the spiritual institution of the Dalai Lama again. The institution of Dalai Lama is one which has guided humanity for centuries. Let us together pray for the long life for the present Dalai Lama", he urged.
Several anti-China and anti-Xi caricatures and memes are being shared as part of the campaign which showcase illegal occupation of Tibet and China's attempt to disparage the image of Dalai Lala. President of China Xi Jinping is showcased as Xitler, acronym for Xi and Hitler. Another meme shows how Xi is trying to tarnish Panchen Lama by trying to appoint a fake Dalai Lama.   
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Lobsang Sangay, head of Tibetan government in Exile at Dharamshala, said that India should raise the issue of Tibet during talks with China. He said, "Tibet is very important for China but it is equally important for India too. Both China and India have held several bilateral talks. But now it its hightime that India raises the issue of Tibet with China during all such talks", he stressed.
Dharamshala in Himachal Pradesh is home to the Tibetan Spiritual and religious leader Dalai Lama. It is also home of the Central Tibetan Administration or CTA, which is also referred to as the Tibetan Government in Exile. Dalai Lama came to India in 1959 to continue the rebellion against China after the Communist Party illegally occupied Tibet using force.