“Karunanidhi fit to be called the Father of corruption” says popular Tamil vlogger Maridhas in his viral video; DMK and alliance partners file multiple complaints to shut him down

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- TS Venkatesan 

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Maridhas, writer and incisive political commentator, popular in social media for his video analysis backed by figures and facts, in his over 30 minute video presentation on late DMK patriarch M Karunanidhi has said that he could be aptly called the “Father of Corruption”. Karunanidhi’s birthday was celebrated on June 3rd by his party men.
Maridas, an engineering graduate, in a video on his YouTUbe channel 'Maridhas Answers' reiterates that he was not making false charges, spreading falsehoods, canards or casting aspersions on anybody. All the inputs, he said, were culled with due verification by him and his team.
In his prelude, Maridhas explains, “Off late there have been planned campaigns to project Karunanidhi as the able administrator, who never indulged in any corrupt practices and dedicated his entire life for the welfare of Dravidians, Tamilians and minorities. To support this they came out a two candle story which is nothing but rubbish”. He said Karunanidhi is the epitome of corruption who was successful in politics, party and governance with his subtle manipulative skills, who adopted divide and rule policies. He warns youngsters and students not to be carried away by such false propaganda and try to find out the truth.
Maridhas begins his video in Tamil by comparing America’s former President Geroge W Bush and Tamil Nadu former Chief Minister M Karunanidhi. He said both promoted their family members who are still active in politics. But Karunanidhi, being a head of much more smaller state in Bharat with lesser powers and with huge population of poor people, could have amassed wealth worth several thousand crores. He said Karunanidhi was in power for 19 years with three full terms. “In 1996 thanks to Rajnikanth’s and G K Moopanar’s support, the DMK which was on the death bed, got a new life. Both Bush and Obama’s net family assets worth is nearly 40 crore. If we compare it with Karunanidhi, during 19 years of rule, he amassed wealth worth Rs 25,000 cr. (both movable and immovable)
Karunanidhi, who was called epitome of corruption by his detractors, faced the inquiry commission headed by former SC Judge Ranjith Singh Sarakaria during the emergency period. It was set up by Indira Gandhi government, soon after the DMK government was dismissed by the Centre. Many in TN used to say that Sarkaria was so surprised by the ingenuity with which government funds were embezzled which made him to describe it as a ‘Scientific corruption”.
One example will prove Karunanidhi’s ingenuity. Then CM Anna, had made a proposal to clean Coovum river to enable boat rides, by allotting 3 crores (now worth 10,000 cr). When opposition Congress questioned him, the then PWD minister Karunanidhi replied that the workers were panicked with the presence of Crocodiles in the river( fact is that they can’t live in filthy and sewage water). About the money, he said, they were spent for the safety of the workers. When the Sarkaria commission probed charges, it asked him what happed to 30,000 bags of sugar (now worth Rs.50,000crore) , stored in a government warehouse, ( they were reportedly stolen and sold in black market) Karunanidhi said that ants eaten all the sugar while the white ants eaten away all the gunny bags.
Likewise, Maridhas provides several other instances of corruption cases that have been probed and proved by various agencies. He also covers the allegations against his family members and the corruption they have indulged in over the decades amassing thousands of crores of public money. Maridhas ended his video by saying Karunanidhi is fit to be called the "Father of corruption".
"People should realise the truth aboutKarunanidhi and Family" Maridhas to Organiser 

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Maridhas spoke to this correspondent and underscored the importance of creating equal opportunity and recognition which is sole responsibility of a leader who came to power. Karunanidhi using power denied these two to the people fully. Thus he and his family members became crorepathis during the 19 years of DMK rule. "All these years, how could Karunandhi amass so much wealth by ruling a small state like Tamil Nadu? He can’t be compared leaders who ruled superpower United States and other developing countries. People should realise this and this is sole my aim", said Maridhas.
Maridhas, who has also authored books on Modi, informed that “After my announcement about my forthcoming video about Karunanidhi, I faced threats from DMK. After the release of the video, FIR was filed in Madurai. Earlier TMMK, Tablighi Jamaath, and other DK supported organizations filed complaints against me”. Maridhas questions "Complaints have been filed against me but can they explain what was factually wrong in what I said? Only people with sense will think. How can we expect such things from slaves? Will take rest only after giving suitable lessons to DMK and DK for their betrayal to Hindus", concludes Maridhas.