#SaveBalochChildren Untold atrocities by Pakistan on children of Balochistan the UN and World forgot

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The UN marks June 4 as ‘International Day of Innocent Children victims of Aggression’ in armed conflict & war. On this day, we talk about the acts of Aggression that Pakistan commits against innocent little children of Balochistan. For those who are not aware, Balochistan was a cluster region of Confederal feudal tribes, that was deceitfully & unlawfully occupied by Pakistan in 1948 after which the region erupted in conflict over its autonomous status.
Pakistan responded through inhumanely to the new-found voice of Balochistan & over the past 72 years has carried out grave Human Rights Violations against Baloch people, including women & Children. To suppress Balochistan’s voice for freedom, Pakistan began torturing Baloch freedom fighters & their family members that included many children.
Pakistan Army formed “Death Squads” in the region for this purpose & these death squads went on a rampage harming little children. About 7 decades later, absolutely nothing has changed for children of Balochistan
Pakistan continues to target non-combat children of Balochistan, abducting them, inflicting direct violence on them & pushing them into war, with zero accountability for violating the rights of thousands of Balochi children every year. Innocence, childhood, education & rights of children in Balochistan are taken away at gun-point. With their parents’ “enforced disappearances” by Pakistan army, most baloch children grow up orphaned, caught in the cycle of desolation & poverty.
Balochistan’s persecuted children not only suffer mental & emotional abuse due to Pak atrocities but also physical violence. Abduction, killing & sexual violence against Baloch children by Pakistan army continues w no consequences faced by perpetrators. 

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In Oct 2019, a fact-finding mission by Human Rights Commission of Pakistan noted, ”a 10-12-year-old child, were picked up from Turbat recently. The child is yet to be recovered. In most cases, local police ... refuse to lodge a FIR.”
The recent case of Bramsh Baloch is just a tip of the iceberg that is Pakistan’s atrocities on little angels of Balochistan. 4yo Bramsh was shot by bullets by Pak Army Death Squad & her mother killed in front of her eyes. Protests erupted in Turbat, Gwadar, Pasni and other cities of #Balochistan to demand #JusticeForBramsh & to #SaveBalochChildren from Pakistan, on International Day of Innocent Children Victims of Aggression.
However, this is not the end of it. Due to abject poverty that is a direct result of Pakistan’s exploitation of the region & violence on its people, Baloch children are forced into labour & abused by their employers. Already a deprived region, Pakistan has further sold off parts to China under CPEC that has spelt horror for Baloch children who are exploited due to their vulnerability. 

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The hellish lives of Baloch Children under the brutal colonial occupation of Pakistan is a nightmare that we may never even wish upon an enemy. We request the UN & UNICEF to take action against Pakistan to #SaveBalochChildren.
(The article is a compilation of the thread at @teambharat_)