Stories of Bharat - ABVP students prepare and serve food to 600 needy people everyday in Ranchi

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Volunteers and Karyakartas of ABVP are in the forefront of providing relief to the needy during the current health emergency. Daily wage earners and laborers who were out of work were badly affected during the lockdown and their families had to suffer without proper ration and essential items. ABVP stepped in to help hundreds of such families in Jharkhand. ABVP has started a kitchen and a food distribution center in Ranchi at its Prant Karyalaya (Regional office).
The ABVP Karyalaya in Ranchi has been turned into a food distribution center for the needy. The volunteer collect food packets from the center and distrubte it among the needy in various parts of the city. The center functions almost 24/7 with hard work put in by its volunteers.
The ABVP Karyakartas themselves prepare the food under hygienic conditions and all care is taken in terms of cleanliness and sanitisation of the premises and utensils used. Right from bringing the vegetables, other raw materials for preparing the food and packing is managed by the Karyakartas. The food prepared in then setup by the volunteers for serving the needy. Hundreds of volunteers are engaged in serving the food daily.
The noble experiment of ABVP has resulted in serving food to 550 to 600 needy people everyday in Ranchi. Only hot food which is prepared afresh is served to the people. One other achievement is that the food prepared is planned according to the requirement and care is taken to ensure that no food is wasted. 

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The food distribution and serving activity at the center which has been going on ever since lockdown has now become seamless in its operations. The working at the center is a model for other similar activities.
Kshetriya Sanghatan Mantri (Regional Organisation Secretary) of ABVP Shri Nikhil Ranjan has been supporting the initiative and encouraging the Karyakartas working at the food center. Prant Sanghatan Mantris Shri Yajnavalkya ji, Monu ji, Durgesh, Aniket, Ankit, Ganesh, Bhagwat, Sonu, Nandraj, Krishna, Rahul, Rohit , Prem Pratik, Abhishek and Pratap are involved in preparation of the food for the needy.