Chinese govt faces severe backlash from citizens over 'sacrifice' of yet another doctor in Wuhan; Dr. Hu Weifeng's death points to suppression of true extent of spread of Corona in China

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Chinese authorities had told hospital staff not to wear protective gear as it could cause panic among the patients and outsiders. True reason of Dr. Hu Weifeng's ailment was also covered up to save the government and authorities.
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While China claims that it has successfully contained the spread of Corona , repeated deaths of doctors and front-line health workers indicate that the Communist country was trying to suppress the true extent of the spread of Corona virus in the country. The latest victim of China's propaganda is Dr. Hu Weifeng who reportedly died on June 2nd after a long battle of 4 months. He was working at the Wuhan Central hospital, the same hospital as Dr Li Wenliang who exposed the cover-up of Corona virus in China. 
Dr. Hu Weifeng, a urologist, is the sixth doctor to die of Corona virus at Wuhan but many more deaths of doctors and health workers has been hidden from the public by the Chinese government. The citizens now fed-up with the repeated cover-up by their government are taking to social media to express their anger. Weibo, China's most popular social media site is flooded with angry messages against administration for covering up the true extent of the spread and not protecting frontline health workers during coronavirus outbreak.
It has also been reported that Chinese authorities told hospital staff not to wear protective gear as it could cause panic among the patients and outsiders. This was narrated by another doctor who was reprimanded for “harming stability” when she tried to warn others of the virus and wore PPE suit at work.
The Guardian reports that a hashtag on Hu Weifeng’s death had more than 400 million views on Wednesday with more than 46,000 comments. Many of them asked why the heads of the hospital have not been punished – specifically Cai Li, head of the Communist party committee of the hospital.
“From Li Wenliang to Hu Weifeng, the medical staff of Wuhan Central hospital lost the most during the outbreak. They were killed by the leaders of the hospital,” one internet user on Weibo wrote, says the Guardian report. “Wuhan officials have all been changed. What about the leadership of the central hospital?” one internet user asked, referring to the number of city and provincial-level officials who have been fired over their handling of the outbreak. Most users blamed the system that Cai is part of for suppressing voices like doctor Li Wenliang and other healthcare workers who could have warned medical staff and residents of Wuhan.

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“The people were unable to fight against the authoritarian system and one after another they are sacrificed,” wrote another Chinese citizen. “Dealing with Cai Li is a challenge to the foundation of the system. Once it happens there will be problems later", he wrote indicating at the backlash doctors and citizens face from the government for speaking-up.
The true reason of Dr. Hu Weifeng death was hidden for a long time by the authorities. In the official records, his ailment was reported as brain haemorrhage while he had contracted Corona much earlier in February. Citizens are angry that Hu was 'sacrificed' so that the government and authorities save themselves from the ignominy of being unable to handle the outbreak.
Whistleblower doctor Li Wenliang who passed away in February after battling Corona, had also tried to warn friends and colleagues in December about the virus. But instead of heeding to his advice, Chinese authorities and police had punished and shamed him for alarming people over a trivial issue. Today, due to the lies and cover-up of China in collusion with WHO has resulted in over 3 lakh 80 thousand deaths world over and 6.3 million confirmed Corona virus infections.