Rahul Gandhi has not attended a SINGLE Meeting of Department Related Parliamentary Standing Committee on Defence

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The DRPSC on Defence has met 11 times since September 2019 and Rahul Gandhi has not attended even one meeting. He did not even take part in the study tour of the committee to border areas and defence establishment which was to understand our borders and defence forces better.
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Rahul Gandhi who is waxing eloquent over defence related matters off late has not attended a single meeting of the Department Related Parliamentary Standing Committee (DRPSC)on Defence since June 2019 when the new Lok Sabha came into existence. The details available on the Committee's page on the Lok Sabha website, reveals the lack of concern of the Gandhi family scion.
The DRPSC has met 11 times during the present period of the 17th Lok Sabha since last September. The present Chairperson is Shri Jual Oram of BJP. The DRPSC committee has 21 members from the Lok Sabha including Mr. Rahul Gandhi. It also has 10 members from the Rajya Sabha, bringing the total to 31 members. 
The committee has seen 11 sittings with the first held on 27th September, 2019 and the last held on 12 March, 2020. However, Rahul Gandhi who seems to be very concerned about the defence preparedness of the Modi's government has not attended a single meeting of the DRPSC. The details of the members who attended each of the sittings, the date of the meeting, subject considered are all available on the Lok Sabha portal.
On 9th December, 2019 the DRPSC committee held its 5th meeting to discuss the Grants for Border Roads Organisation, Indian Coast Guard, Military Engineer Services and other defence services. Rahul Gandhi did not consider the meeting on grants to BRO as important and missed it. Today, the same Rahul Gandhi questions the government on preparedness at the border. 

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Composition of the  DRPSC committee in the 17th Lok Sabha of which Rahul Gandhi is a member
The 10th meeting of the DRPSC held on 21st February, 2020 discussed the matters related to HAL, BEL, Ordnance Factories (OFs), Defence Research and Development, Mazagon Dock Limited, Goa Shipyard Limited among other Defence Public Sector Undertakings (DPSUs). This was one of the most important meetings of the committee in the current year to chalk out the funding outlay and lay out the vision for these DPSUs. However, Rahul Gandhi skipped this meeting too.
Rahul Gandhi skips DRPSC  Study Tour too 
A study tour was conducted by the DRPSC between 04 to 09 November, 2019 to better understand the working of our defence forces and the tasks for the committee. The committee visited Nathu La Pass, 17 Mountain Division, 51, Sub Area, Army, Dawki (Indo-Bangla Border), Border Roads Organisation(BRO), Headquarters of the Eastern Air Command and many other places of strategic importance. The study tour was to give the members of the committee a first-hand experience of the borders, working of our forces and the tasks ahead. Rahul Gandhi did not seem the tour important and skipped the tour.
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Rahul Gandhi has not attended a single meeting of the 11 meetings of the DRPSC on Defence  
Ever since the Ladakh stand-off between India and occupier China erupted, the Gandhi family scion has left no chance to show Indian government, defence forces in poor light. Rahul Gandhi has been accused of towing the Chinese line instead of supporting the government of the day in fighting the Chinese aggressors. However, the DRPSC meetings indicate the true preferences of Mr. Rahul Gandhi as he comes across as an accuser having no concern in concrete work on defence related issues.