Unity of Purpose - Rashtra Dharma above Politics

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The developments in Tibet and the policy followed in that regard by the Communist Party of India have once again exposed the un-Indian character of this party. Whatever the economic and political systems of Tibet be, no outsider has any right to forcibly change them. If Communists in India, echoing Peking, can justify Chinese aggression in Tibet on grounds of the allegedly reactionary character of the Dalai Lama's Government, they might as well welcome such an aggression in India if they feel that the Government here continues to be "reactionary''. It is nothing but base treachery. It is the duty of every patriotic Indian to see that they are not allowed to develop a potential that may someday seriously undermine India's freedom and security” — Pandit Deendayal Upadhyaya on the Communist Treachery in 1960 just before the Chinese Aggression on Bharat
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The words of Pt Deendayal Ji still holds for the communists of Bharat about their non-Bharatiya character. For them, the ideology of communism is way above nationhood. So it is not at all surprising that the mouthpiece of Communist Party of India (Marxist) – CPM, considers Hindutva as a bigger enemy than China. The mouthpiece of the party, People’s Democracy, ruled out China’s `salami-slice’ tactics and blamed Bharat and the Hindutva forces for the border stand-off. According to the CPM, the formation of Union Territory Ladakh, reiterating PoJK & Aksai Chin as integral parts of India, developing border infrastructure and attempting to ‘corner ‘China at the World Health Assembly are the four ‘deeper reasons for this fracas on the border’. This analysis is perfectly in tune with the Communist character of treachery.
What is perturbing is the Congress party, and some intellectuals are toeing the same communist line. We are not China, and therefore, as a democratic country, questions on the border security would be asked, and healthy discussion also would take place. But by throwing a video or statement each morning asking the Government about military preparedness or the ground situation, the immature leadership of the Congress party is helping the Chinese cause. Even if the criminal conduct of accepting donations from the Embassy of China for the family-run trust is set aside for the time being, such irresponsible behaviour makes the cloud of culpability thicker about the Congress-Communist Party of China (CPC) secret agreement. We already had an all-party meeting. Eventually, the Government have to face the parliament and the public, then why this impatience? Just to score political brownie points?
After the Army Chief General Manoj Mukund Naravane visited Leh and reviewed the formations in the Eastern Command, it is clear that militarily we are not going to budge from our positions on the Line of Actual Control (LAC). Despite the Chinese pressure, the border infrastructure work is still going on in full steam, and Border Road Organisation is doing a fabulous job with the support from Armed Forces. Now every kind of bullying by China is being challenged whether on the border or at the International Organisations. Following Rashtra Dharma, Duty to Nation, by each actor is the need of the hour. As Shri Sharad Pawar, who has also served as a Defence Minister, rightly explained that “matters of national security should not be politicised” and reminded that one could not forget China had captured about 45,000 sq km of Bharatiya land after the 1962 war. Some young voices in Congress are also mustering the courage to stand for the national cause above the party line. If the intent behind the questioning is right, then show some unity of purpose.
The Himalayan resolve and exhibiting the united national will to secure every inch of motherland is the best role we can play amidst the border stand-off. Time is to follow the path of Yudhishtira ‘Vayam Panchadhikam Shatam’ (when it is a matter of fighting with outsiders, all 105 will fight together) and not to act like Jaichand, as Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar had warned in his last speech in the Constituent Assembly.