Intolerance is in the blood of Congress; Punishing spokespersons for expressing their opinion was an obvious response

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Being unable to answer to the lack of development in Ladakh or Northeast, Congress and its leader Rahul Gandhi are posing incoherent questions to a government that is making up for their folly. Anyone who questions his attitude is punished, like Sanjay Jha.
-Rajesh Pathak 

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‘Congressmen watching silently as party hurtles towards political obsolescence.’- disenchanted from Congress leadership, none other than it's national spokesperson, Sanjay Jha himself has this to say about the grand old party (in his article in English daily- ‘Times of India’). It seems that within the Congress party there are many such individuals whose tolerance have now begun to succumb, and for whom it is getting hard to bear Rahul Gandhi any longer. Moreso, nowadays when Rahul Gandhi without showing maturity in sensing the mood of the nation has recklessly indulged in tweeting relentlessly on every other matter targeting the Modi government.
Present dispute at border with China has more to do with the infrastructural development brought in by the Modi government, which had been dangerously ignored during the many decades of Congress rule. This was confirmed by the statement of A K Antony that he himself made in the parliament in 2013 as Defense Minister of Congress government. He had disclosed that in comparison with India, China had a foolproof approach at the LAC building bridges, roads, tunnels and other infrastructure which were of strategic importance. Instead of answer the country for such criminal negligence on its part, Congress and its leaders Rahul and Sonia Gandhi, are unabashedly asking baseless questions from the government.
Till very recently, Northeastern states were in the limelight very often due to secessionist activities by outfits like ULFA, TNV or MNF. This part of the country was geographically close to the territory of a dubious adversary like China and situation could not have been allowed to prevail like this for long. Hence Modi government initiated big development projects on priority basis in these states. Project worth nearly 44 thousand crores rupees were allocated during its first tenure. This amount was way too higher than any amount allocated by any of the governments thus far. Journey to many destinations in NE which took days, now take only a few hours. Along with bringing quality infrastructure, it also strengthened the sense of national integration among the people living here.
‘If I am culprit, the then whole Congress- government is also a culprit. For in such deals of purchasing the decision is not taken in the Air force head quarter.’- Air chief Marshal (retd) SP Tyagi had this to say during the investigation on the Augusta Westland helicopter corruption case in which he was an accused. At one point of time, the situation had become so horrible that not only in defense deals but also in the appointments on different posts of management all the care was taken to serve the will of arms dealers and middlemen striking the deals. Now things have changed. The days of corruption cases gaining limelight are over. Rahul Gandhi though has spent all his energy to bring Modi at par with him by stoking the Rafael aircraft deal, but as always was found wanting the country taking him and his fanciful, unfounded arguments even with a bit of seriousness!
Habitual of spending more than half of his time in foreign lands, Rahul Gandhi seems to be losing his patience as he is finding himself become helpless in leaving the country in face of lockdown. He should prefer to speak only when required and that too sensibly and after learning all the details and technicality of the issue concerned. Else he would fall prey to what Anupam Kher once said-‘ To tolerate Rahul Gandhi is the greatest tolerance.’ (At an event organized by ‘The Telegraph’ newspaper)