Another minor Hindu girl kidnapped and converted in Sindh, Pakistan; Reshma becomes Basheeran as Muslim clerics marry her off to the kidnapper

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(Image courtesy: JammuKashmirNow) 
The atrocities on Hindu minorities in Pakistan continues unabated. The latest case of abduction of a minor Hindu girl has been reported from Jacobabad in Sindh province on June 18, 2020.
The minor Hindu girl identified as Reshma, was first abducted by a Muslim man. She was then forcefully converted to Islam by the clerics. Her ordeal did not end there. Later, the Muslim clerics got the minor girl married to the kidnapper on June 18. The kidnapper has been identified as Wazir Hussain.
In order to cover the crime, it is alleged that an affidavit has been filed by putting pressure on the girl to make it seem like a marriage of consent. The affidavit signed on behalf of the girl falsely states that she is 19 years old and has accepted Islam on her own free will. According to the affidavit, Reshma's new Muslim name is Basheeran.
In the month of June itself, more than 12 Hindu girls have been abducted as per reports from Pakistan. Despite the unabated crimes against Hindus and other minorities, the Imran Khan government does not seem to be interested in takin any action to stop the abductions.
Bill against forced conversion stalled by Islamists 
According to a report of the Human Rights Commission of Pakistan, at least one thousand minority girls are forcibly converted in the country every year. Despite the increase in the cases of forced conversion, the bill related to this has been rejected twice in Pakistan parliament.
While rejecting the bill in 2016, former Sindh Governor Saeeduzmaan Siddiqui had said that when Hazrat Ali had converted to Islam when he was only 9, conversion of Hindu girls is not an issue in Pakistan.
The proposed bill has stipulated the minimum age for conversion as 18 years. Ironically, Pakistan is among the countries that have signed the Global Declaration of Human Rights, which includes freedom to choose religion and not to force anyone to convert. But the Imran government in Pakistan is doing exactly the opposite and allowing forceful conversion of minor girls from minority communities to Islam.
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