Patanjali Ayurved launches 'Coronil' Medicine kit for both treatment and prevention of COVID-19; Baba Ramdev says Clinical Trial shows 100% Patients Recovered in 7 Days

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In a major breakthrough, Patanjali Ayurved has launched a Ayurvedic medicine for treatment of Corona. Though several medicines are used as prevention, this is the first time that a medicine has claimed to be a cure for the Corona infection. The medicine was launched at a press conference in Haridwar earlier today by founder of Patanjali Ayurved Baba Ramdev and Managing Director Acharya Balakrishna. The research and trails were jointly conducted by the Patanjali Research Institute, Haridwar and the National Institute of Medical Science, Jaipur.
Baba Ramdev said in the press conference that the world was waiting for a cure for Corona virus and today we are proud that we have prepared the first Ayurvedic medicine of corona virus. The name of this Ayurvedic medicine is 'Coronil'. He said that though the Allopathic system of medicine is leading the research into Corona cure, we have made Coronil with Ayurvedic formula. He informed that they have conducted clinical control study and the medicines has been tested on hundreds of patients. While 65% of the patients turned from Corona-positive to negative, 100% have recovered in 7 days, he said.
Baba Ramdev said that the medicine has been prepared by following all research criteria. The medicine has a 100% recovery rate with zero percent death rate. He also said that people can question them on the claim and they have answers to every question. He reiterated that the preparation of the medicine and trials followed all scientific rules. 

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Baba Ramdev and Acharya Balakrishna  launch 'Coronil' as a cure for COIV-19 on June 23, 2020 at Haridwar
Earlier, Acharya Balakrishna had tweeted about the public event where a Ayurvedic medicine for corona virus would be launched. He had tweeted, "Patanjali Yogpeeth will be launching the first Ayurvedic medicine 'Coronil' from Haridwar tomorrow at 1:00 pm which has been made with complete scientific procedure and is based on research and trials."
On May 27th, Patanjali Ayurved, had said it had launched clinical trials on humans to find a cure for COVID-19 after receiving regulatory approvals. The clinical trials began in Indore and in Jaipur after Patanjali Ayurved secured permission for the same in May. Large pharmaceutical companies such as Gilead Sciences, Pfizer, Johnson & Johnson, Moderna, Inovio Pharmaceutcials and GlaxoSmithKline, among others, were in the race to find a successful vaccine for COVID19 but none had claimed a cure for the same. Patanjali's 'Coronil' could change the way Corona is treated once it is widely accepted.
Patanjali Ayurved has said that 'Coronil' medicines balance the energy of the respiratory system, immune system to the whole body and increase immunity. The medicine can be used for both treatment and prevention of COVID-19 by following the recommendations of Patanjali Ayurved on administering the tablets and solutions in the kit.

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