Xi's smokescreens: Dokhlam to win the election, Galwan-HK-Taiwan to survive the coup

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Rising unrest among the Chinese public, collapsed economy and re-emergence of corona virus in Beijing, has activated the anti-Xi faction again. The recent bravado of the Chinese establishment in Galwan, Hong Kong and Taiwan are mere smokescreens to distract the public and suppress the opposition.
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With more than 20% unemployment rate and poor handling of Corona pandemic, demonstrations and protest have erupted in all parts of China against Xi Jinping and the Communist Party
Pre and post Dokhlam border stand-off, Xi purged, arrested and jailed around 200 CCP officials whom he considers as competitor or threat to his re-election as President. The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) debarred Ex-Politburo member and Ex-Chongqing Party-Secretary Sun Zhengcai and charged him with political indiscipline, corruption, and malfeasance. Sun was arrested.
Sun was predicted as a potential successor to Xi Jinping and was expected to be promoted to the Politburo Standing-Committee at the 19th Party Congress. However, Sun's political career is now finished with his expulsion from the CCP.
Sun Zhengcai was Jiang Zemin political faction's preferred candidate to replace Xi in a coup. Furthermore, Gen. Fang Fenghui was the possible coup enforcer. Xi managed to survive this coup.
In 2012 also, Jiang attempted to swap Xi with Bo Xilai. Bo like Sun was Politburo member and the Chongqing chief. However, the coup was uncovered when Bo's vice-mayor Wang Lijun defected to the United States. Bo and several others his team were subsequently arrested and sentenced to life in prison.
The Ex-President Jiang Zemin faction has long controlled the Chinese army and the Chinese Communist Party's domestic security apparatus. This might be the reason why Xi changed the army leader, just a few days, before June 6, 2020, meeting between India-China border talks. This also indicates that, maybe, the Chinese army's some factions are not ready/willing to instigate clashes with India.
Several high-ranking Chinese communist party officers, including domestic security apparatus officials, committed suicide, after the 19th Party Congress. On November 2 2017, Zhang Xiaohua- a Hunan Political and Legal-Affairs Commission (PLAC) member and head- the discipline inspection team of Hunan committed suicide.
On November 2, 2017, Dai Jingbin - Shanghai United Front Work Department deputy head, hanged himself in his office building. On November 8, Li Yongsheng - Ex Pingdingshan City PLAC secretary committed suicide. 

Xi Protests_1  
These photos taken on June 17 in and around Beijing's Virus test centres, shows big chaos and fear engulfing entire China.
Because of rising unrest in the Chinese public, collapsed economy and re-emergence of coronavirus in Beijing, the anti-Xi faction is active again. In the last couple of months, the Chinese media have reported differences between President Xi and Premier Li atleast twice, which is unprecedented. Another dissident of Xi is the only son of former president Hu Jintao, Hu Haifeng. Xi denied him the post of Xian's city chief. Hu is the party boss of Lishui, a much smaller city in eastern Zhejiang, and promotion to Xian would have elevated the 46-year-old to vice-ministerial rank and set him up for future career advancement. Recently suspended officials of Hubei province, where the coronavirus pandemic started, is also angry with Xi as because of Xi's mishandling, they lost their positions.
Due to COVID19 with more than 20% unemployment rate, demonstrations and protest have erupted in all part of China. Even after CCP's brutal pressure and threats, One such massive protest in Luohe city of Henan Province for un-paid wages and loss of employment. (show in the photo above. Due to China's stringent cyber-scrutiny, better quality photos were not available)
The key Communist Party of China (CCP) 's, and Chinese government officials have fled Beijing and are operating from remote resorts away from Beijing. The above photos were taken on June 17 in and around Beijing's Virus test centre at Dongdan Sports Center. It shows big chaos and fear.
Xi's continuous pattern of starting suppression, disputes, clashes and confrontation is a mere smokescreen to survive or fight the opposition and coup against him. Not only Xi's survival but the vision of Asian era is also on stake.