History repeats itself after 1962? CPM refuses to condemn brutal Chinese attack, says no to ‘anti-China campaign’ in India!

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Comparing to other countries, Communist China has a rare advantage as far as strategic asset creation is concerned, which the Communist superpowers like the Soviet Union once exclusively enjoyed in their hay days. That is nothing but a network of slave-turned spies in almost all countries, in the form of Communist parties, that is ever ready to go an extra mile for their political master, i.e. now Chinese Communist Party. They function in their home countries like an extended arm of their fatherland.
As USSR once did, China has been making effective use of Indian Communists as an instrument of its state policy, mainly intended to push the Chinese agenda on Indian soil. In India, it is CPM, which is often dubbed as China-Pakistan Mouthpiece.
Why is CPM so Sinophile?
Since its formation, there are umpteen incidents wherein CPM upheld the interests of China vis-à-vis India. Even in the on-going India-China standoff, the story is no different. In the recent all-party meeting called by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, unlike other regional as well as national parties, CPM extended only a ‘conditional support’ to the Government of India in the on-going military standoff between the two countries.
CPM owes its very birth to the Indo-China War in 1962. When the Sino-Soviet split rocked international politics, its tremors were felt in India too. A strong pro-Chinese faction was formed in CPI that reached a flashpoint in 1962, during the Indo-China war, prompting its leaders to take a pro-Chinese stand. It is worth recalling that Nehru had put all the pro-Chinese Marxist leaders behind bars for treachery, calling them ‘Chinese Spies’, after they refused to extend full support to the Congress government. This split during the war eventually paved the way to the formation of the CPM in 1964.
Lots of ‘Ifs and Buts’
Whenever there is a conflict between India and China, CPM will come up with a statement that contains lots of ‘ifs and buts’.
CPM’s carefully worded statement about the all-party meeting reads: “In the talks between our Minister for External Affairs and the Foreign Minister of China, our official statement states: ‘At the conclusion of the discussion, it was agreed that the overall situation would be handled in a responsible manner, and both sides would implement the disengagement understanding of June 6 sincerely. Neither side would take any action to escalate matters and instead, ensure peace and tranquillity as per bilateral agreements and protocols.’” “As the Government of India has adopted this stand, the CPI(M) extends its support to this approach,” it added. In other words, if ‘things’ were not as stated above, the CPM would not have supported the Government in this issue!
In addition, the CPM also refused to condemn the brutal act of the PLA along the border in which 20 India’s brave hearts martyred. Snubbing it just an ‘unfortunate’ incident, the CPM refrained from condemning the incident both in its official statement on June 16 and in the press communiqué related to the all-party meeting. Meanwhile, the party did not forget to ‘condemn’ the murder of George Floyd in the US in a press statement issued hardly two weeks before the Chinese attack!
CPM against anti-China campaign in India!
In another bizarre attempt to demonstrate the party’s loyalty to its patriarch, CPM leader Prakash Karat, in an editorial dated May 3 in CPM mouthpiece People’s Democracy, has strongly criticised India, BJP and mainstream media for holding China responsible for the spread of Covid-19. “The anti-China campaign has proliferated in India too. Editorials and commentaries have appeared critical of China and regurgitating some of the stuff in the western media. Though the Modi government has not joined its friends like President Bolsonaro of Brazil in maligning China, the rightwing Hindutva forces are active in propagating absurd anti-China stories in the social media. For this deranged crowd, the coronavirus threat is presented by Muslims internally and by the Chinese externally,” the reckless CPM leader wrote in the party mouthpiece.
“The United States is prodding India to curtail economic ties with China just as Japan is seeking to withdraw investments from China. Taking a cue from this, ministers in the Government are talking about wooing companies that have invested in China to come to India instead,” Karat expressed his anguish over the prospects of China’s economy if global manufacturers shifted their base from China to India!
The onus is on the Government of India to decide whether a local party with a representation of hardly 2 per cent of the population, which is facing a serious credibility crisis, should be invited to an all-party meeting on India-China border standoff. It is evident from history that this fifth column which was spawned and nurtured by China over the years, defeated the Indian cause at every critical juncture. Along with boycotting the Chinese goods, it is high time for Indian people to get rid of this Chinese menace, which Guruji Golwalkar rightly referred to as an ‘internal threat’, from Indian polity.