“No difference between Pakistan and Haryana’s Mewat, it’s becoming graveyard of Dalits,” Committee headed by former Judge Pawan Kumar on Muslim atrocities against Dalits

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Muslim Atrocities on Dali
Former Judge Pawan Kumar has said that Dalits are being tortured in Mewat and Women are being harassed
“Mewat of Haryana is becoming a graveyard of Dalits. There is no difference between Pakistan and Mewat. There are many such reports of women being forcibly abducted and raped in Mewat”, said former Judge Shri Pawan Kumar in a press release shared by National Spokesperson of Vishwa Hindu Parishad Vinod Bansal.
Citing no action taken against the complaints filed by Dalits in Mewat, Shri Valmiki Mahasabha of Haryana had decided to form a 4-member inquiry committee led by Judge Pawan Kumar (Retd) to bring the reality of the atrocities in Mewat committed against the Dalits to the fore.
Besides Judge Pawan Kumar (Retd), Sultan Valmiki chairman of Valmiki Mahapanchayat Haryana), Kanhaiya Lal Arya, vice-president Arya Pratinidhi Sabha Haryana and Devdutt Sharma, president Bar Association Sohna were appointed as members of the investigation team.
While addressing the journalists in Gurugram Judge Pawan Kumar (Retd) said that we have called the 48 victims of the Dalit society, but only 19 people came in front to give information about the atrocities they faced, such is the terror of Jihadis.
“The incidents of molesting school going girls and women take place all over Mewat, due to which it has become difficult for them to go to school. A 12-year-old girl was raped by 4 Muslims and the house where the rape took place was one of the Muslim policemen. Even after a year, there has been no action on that policeman till date. In Ferozpur Namak, nine Muslims gang-raped a woman after forcibly abducting for several days. Due to no action of her complaint, the accused killed that woman four days later”, he added.
According to the press release, more than 200 cases of forced conversions have allegedly taken place in the region. It is because of police inaction, the perpetrators have been emboldened and pressure is being mounted on the family members of those forcibly converted to get them converted as well.
“The cremation grounds are being encroached upon. Attack on Dalits by Muslims have become a common occurrence,” the release read.
The press release shared by VHP also stated that Dalit weddings are also being attacked and looted. It added that there also had been instances where the brides have been abducted on the day of marriage.
Judge Pawan Kumar (Retd) also raised question over the Dalit organisations. He said why the so-called sympathiser of Dalits, which have been encouraging Dalit Muslim unity to gain political mileage, have not yet come to wipe out the tears of these Dalits. Why no politician of any political party have not come to help the Dalits despite repeated complaints of these atrocities?
According to the investigation committee, the atrocities against Dalits can happen only in connivance with the administration and local police. Complaints of Dalit victims are not lodged. If somehow they persist with the complaint and file FIRs against the perpetrators, police pressurises the victims, compels them to strike a compromise with the assailants and threatens them of false cases.
Chairman of the Committee, Judge Pawan Kumar (Retd) said that the report will be sent to the Chief Minister of Haryana. The Committee will also send the report to the chairman of scheduled castes commission of India and the Home Minister of India. So that justice is delivered, and the rule of law can once again be established in Mewat.
Recently, the Vishwa Hindu Parishad has raised concerns over “security” of Hindus in BJP-ruled Haryana and NDA-ruled Bihar.