Cyclone Nisagra to hit Western-Coast

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Few Days after country's eastern coast was destroyed by Amphan, a new cyclone has begun brewing over the Arabian Sea on the western coast and is likely to cross Maharashtra and Gujrat on June 3. The India Meteorological Department has sounded a 'Yellow' warning for north Maharashtra and south Gujarat coast on Monday

-Yatharth Sikka

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It is the first cyclone to form in the Arabian Sea this year and could be named Nisarg. According to IMD, The low-pressure system was developed over the southwest Arabian Sea and Lakshadweep area on May 31 and will become a cyclone on June 2.
IMD said that a low-pressure area which is developing over the Arabian Sea would intensify into a cyclone in the next 48 hours and is likely to reach Maharashtra and Gujarat coasts on June 3.
The weather forecast department said that they are continuously monitoring the system and would update the forecast with a better estimate of the landfall. It is the first cyclone to form in the Arabian Sea this year, named Nisarga. It also predicts cumbersome to extreme rainfall over the coastal districts, especially Mumbai, Thane, Palghar, Raigarh and Sindudurgh areas.
"It is currently centred 690 km away from Mumbai, and the sea conditions are very rough, with winds of speed 45-50kmph over the sea. The wind-speed would increase to 70kmph on Tuesday when it becomes a cyclone and then increase up to 90-115 kmph on June 3 when it could cross Gujarat and north Maharashtra coast as a severe cyclonic storm," said M. Mohapatra, Director General of Meteorology (DGM), IMD.
"Systems which are formed along with the monsoon tend to carry much more rains, so it is expected that this could bring extreme rains over the coastal areas. The low-lying area could get inundated, especially the urban areas. We are continuously informing the local and central government authorities as we update the forecast," M. Mohapatra, (DGM), IMD added.
It has been advised to fishers from all the coastal states including Karnataka, Goa, Kerala, Maharashtra and Gujarat not to venture into the Arabian Sea, Lakshadweep area till June 4 and urged those in the sea to return immediately.
The warning from the IMD comes after a week of cyclone Amphan which has destruction in West Bengal and Odisha.